Level 5 Vacation Homeplay

  1. Read the book: We are Human Angels by Human Angels. You will love this book! This book is so good you can listen to it once a month!
    You can find it at the following link on Audible.com. https://www.audible.com/searchkeywords=we+are+human+angels&ref=a_hp_t1_header_search
    Or you can buy a physical copy.

2. Make and drink a green smoothie daily. I suggest making one with vegetables, herbs, ginger, fruit (optional) and protein powder if you are a vegetarian, blended in the blender. I am not talking about juicing vegetables. For example you can use: kale/spinach, cucumber, carrot, celery, cilantro, (or parsley), ginger, berries and protein powder and/or super green powder. Level 6 is all about self-love and your relationship with your Self and others. You will need to be fit for this level. I suggest daily exercise, meditation, organic food, and socializing (love) to prepare you for this class.

3. AP call: Check in with your AP to see how they are doing with their green smoothies. Suggest new ideas or what you like to make. Have a fun talk on the phone.

4. Read the speech by Marianne Williamson written for Nelson Mandela. It is very short and worth printing.

You have three weeks to do your vacation homeplay. It is due between now and the end of December. It is very simple. Write about each question in no more than one short paragraph per assignment.

See you on December 2nd and have a Happy Holiday!!!


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