Reading for Bella the cat


I just did a reading for a cat named Bella. Bella suffers from hyperthyroidism, vomiting, colitis, and a high WBC count. When I started the reading, I saw that Bella has a heart murmur, which her owner hadn't mentioned, as well as phenomenon. Bella's owner then told me the vet put Bella on liquids and then they went into her lungs. It is always interesting when what I see clairvoyantly is validated by the owner.

When I asked Spirit how to heal the heart murmur, I saw it was caused by Bella's fear from her previous owners who abandoned her at age 1. Apparently, they also scared her by slamming doors when fighting. Bella's new owner had no knowledge of her life before she was found at a shelter. The knowledge I received, came from clairvoyant "pictures" I saw in the cat's energy field or aura. Just as it says in the bible, "Ask and ye shall receive." This is what I do in an energy reading to retrieve information. Therefore, when I ask to see the cause of a disease or issue, what I see next, is the answer to my question.

Bella loves her new owner who she has been with for 14 years, but she is now ready to die. The exact words I heard were, "she is ready to begin the decomposition process." This is funny to me because I would never say or think of something like this. So where does the information I get come from? This is a question I can not answer with words. I just know that whenever I ask, the answer comes. Bella has had a great life with her 2nd owner. But because she was abandoned by her 1st owner, she wants to die naturally by her 2nd owner's side. I saw that it is very important to Bella that she calls the shots and does not feel abandoned, such as when her owner takes her to the vet and she is poked and prodded. She wants to stay at home and die a natural death. She wants to feel "in control" for this upcoming death.

I also saw that Bella has issues with trust. Because animals and their people always have the same or similar issues, I asked her owner if she too has issues with trust. The woman made a noise over the phone and said yes! The healing process for both the cat and its person is to sit together, take deep breathes, fill their hearts with love and to validate that they trust themselves. Note, the healing is not to trust others, it is to trust themselves. This is because all trust issues are actually about trusting one's Self, not others. We can not control others, but we can control ourselves. And if we trust ourselves, we will take "right action" and keep ourselves safe. I also saw that Bella wants cooked chicken, beef and fish and not canned food. In other words, she wants to go out with a bang!

I am sending love to these two on their new journey home.

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