The Sage Diet


Developed by Robin Eagle Sage, Medical Intuitive

 The Sage Diet is an all organic diet that consists of at least 50% uncooked/raw foods  and liquids to receive its maximum benefits. I believe in eating intuitively.

The Sage Diet For Life is simple.

The following are foods that come up in my readings as highly medicinal:

Aloe Vera
Cranberries (without sugar, frozen or fresh)

The Sage Diet does not include the following:

  • Alcohol, drugs, soda, caffeine or coffee.
  • Deep-fried anything.
  • Sugar or chocolate of any kind except for fresh organic whole fruit or cacao nibs without sugar added.
  • Refined processed grains or gluten, such as: pasta, chips, cookies, cakes, junk food or breads.

The Sage Diet For Life does include the following:


All vegetables in great variety. The greater the variety the better.


Fresh herbs, such as cilantro, parsley, dandelion greens, basil, mint, etc.


Such as ginger, turmeric, etc.


These are amazing little creatures filled with life, nutrients and anti-parasitical properties. For example, broccoli sprouts are known to kill helicobacter-pylori.


This will provide your body with important anti-oxidants and life-force energy. Eat fresh fruit, not dried, as dried fruit is too sweet. Only eat bananas occasionally. Do not eat them if you have candida, weight issues or any other health issues.


Raw and organic. Nuts must be soaked in water over night, then rinses in the morning. This removes their enzyme prohibitors and makes them bio available to your system. It’s like sprouting as it makes them more alive. All except for peanuts. Raw jungle peanuts are fine.


They make water/veggie smoothies very creamy.


Meat, dairy products, legumes. Only eat organic, GMO-free, free-range, grass-fed products.


Water, water, water from it's original source, such as a high mountain spring. This must be stored in glass.

All herbal teas that are organic and caffeine-free

Lemon/lime water-

Vegetable juice (mixed from a blender is preferred to a juicer.) This is important to have daily. I recommend 2 large glasses per day.

Tomato juice- raw and unsweetened

Almond milk (unsweetened)  I recommend the brand Pacifica because it is organic and unsweetened or make your own. Simply put a handful of almonds in a blender with water and voila! You have almond milk.

Coconut water- organic, unsweetened and raw. Coconut juice/water is usually heated and then becomes too sweet and feeds candida, as do all sweets. Drink it raw if possible, from a freshly cracked coconut. Some health food stores will open them for you. If they don’t, ask them to. I have made many changes in my local health food stores by my consistent requests.

SAUCES for veggies:

Use herbs, spices, roots, nuts, seeds and seaweed for seasoning, such as turmeric, curry, graham masala, cayenne, cilantro, dulse, tahini, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, lemon, ginger, onion, garlic, green onions, salsa, chives, dill, mint, etc. Spicy (hot) spices are good for killing parasites.

Dulse flakes are a great substitute for salt and can be kept on the dinner table in a container with large holes.


I do not recommend using any sweeteners. Adapt your taste buds to real food. That includes bitter foods, such as, bitter greens and herbs.

NOTE- Always fill yourself with love no matter what you do!

In order to thrive on the Sage Diet, you must change the way you think about food. Instead of looking for a satisfying taste and to feel full you must think about how good or bad you feel AFTER you eat. This will be your most important gauge to recognize what is healthy or unhealthy for you. You must also recognize that you actually are full after eating a healthy meal even though your mind may tell you that you otherwise.

Internally, your body will receive all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs from the Sage Diet. In fact, nutrients will become more bioavailable to you than ever before. Though, your brain may worry that you are not getting what you “need” due to negative and untrue mass programming about diet. It is also your negative bacteria and Candida, etc., that will not be satisfied with your food choices, NOT YOU. When Candida and other microbials are not “fed” the foods that you crave, they will die. This is good! Though, you will feel as if you too are dying. I promise that you are not. The more you rid Candida and other harmful microbials the more your cravings for addictive and unhealthy foods will dissipate.

No healthy food is addictive. You may crave broccoli, but you will never get addicted to it and salivate like a rabid dog, the way you might for potato chips, chocolate, coffee, bread, sugar, etc. As you eat more and more healthy foods, when you slip and eat something unhealthy, you will not feel good. This will only happen after you have re-set your body by eating well for many months. The more contrast you have, the more your body will know and feel the difference. Your taste buds will also change, and what you once ate and loved, you will later think is too sweet, or salty, or spicy, etc.

Gauge your health by how you feel after you eat and drink, not by the cravings that you have.

I recommend downloading my meditations for sale on my website in order to stabilize yourself during dietary transitional phases.  You are already loving yourself by choosing a clean and healthy diet. I also recommend filling your body with the energy of love and light. Remember that when you remove toxins from your body, mind and soul you must replace the voids with healthy, thoughts, actions, people, food and beliefs in order for the benefits to hold.

I also suggest that you do colonics while transitioning from phase to phase. This is necessary on the Sage Diet as your body will need help releasing toxins of old. If you stop eating and drinking toxic foods and beverages it will automatically kick you into a phase of detoxification. If you can’t get the older toxins out of your body first, you may have a toxic overload. The colon is at the "end of the line.” Get the old fecal matter out and you will feel and look better! Chelation can also help in this process. This is the act of eliminating heavy metals from the system. If you choose to chelate naturally you must use daily high dosages of fresh organic cilantro and other herbs and super green foods, such as chlorella, in order to make a difference. Heavy metals are important to remove as other toxins can bind to them and surround them causing blockages and candida.

I recommend these movies.

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More movies are listed here on my website:

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