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Level 9, Week 2, Vacation Home-play

Practice giving an animal communication reading and a totem animal reading during the vacation. Memorize the reading procedures. Read a book on animal communication. See you in 2 weeks!

Level 7 Week 7 Vacation Homeplay

Listen to this talk about “the path.” 2. Choose a book on animal communication to read:  

Level 7, Week 6, Homeplay

Practice the reading procedures and knowing what to say with the two different kinds of questions. Have your readee ask a “should I…” and a “will I…” question. Explain why you don’t read the future. Check out this awesome speaker who covers the spiritual topic of “feelings v/s emotions.”

Level 7, Week 5, Homeplay

Practice memorizing what to say for “Should I..” and “Will I…” questions and the entire reading procedures.  Give a “Will I…” reading and healing.  Watch this talk by Michael Mirdad:

Level 7, Week 4 Home-Play

From now on your homeplay is not to be posted. Practice giving a 1 hour “will I’ and “should I” reading. Blog about the difference between a “will I’ and “should I” reading. Explain and educate your followers.

Level 7 Week 2 Homeplay

AP reading: (30 mins each) Ask a “Will I…” question. Such as, will I become a millionaire? A. Explain how you will read a “future” question. B. Discern their goal. C. Half the reading is of what is blocking their goal and the other half is D. how to achieve their goal. (This is a
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Level 7, Week 1, Home-Play

AP reading: (30 mins each) Ask a “should I do this or that” question. Such as, should I move to the country or should I stay in the city? This is a double focused question. Practice telling the person your philosophy before you start. Read the pros and cons of each double focused question. Use
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Level 6 Week 8 Vacation Home-Play

Finish listening to Michael Mirdad’s talk called, “Love, experience the real thing.” I invite you all to play around with writing blogs, newsletters and posts to stimulate your followers. Next level you will need your fans to give practice readings to. So get them primed, interested and ready! Enjoy your vacation! 🙂

Level 6 Week 7 Homeplay

Give a full 45 min relationship reading to one of your followers as part of your final. This is not your spouse. Your followers come from your email list (newsletter), or social media such as Facebook. Advertise it as a free relationship reading in exchange for their email address, to add to your list if
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Level 6, Week 6, Homeplay

AP Reading: Full relationship reading. Your readee may ask a question about their relationship with an individual. 45 minutes each. Be ready to give a smooth relationship reading next week in class. 🙂 2. Listen to this video on Relationships: Ego based versus spiritual based. By Michael Mirdad, Spiritual Leader at Unity of Sedona. 3.
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