How I Became Intuitive

The first thing that most people ask me is, “Were you born psychic or was it learned?” The answer is both. I was born with clairvoyant abilities, as we all are. But these skills were not fully developed until I began my six-year training of energy reading and healing when I was in my 30’s. When I found out that there were actually schools that taught clairvoyance and energy healing I was excited beyond belief. I dove in with full gusto! When I graduated, I opened my own school in 2000 called The Sage School of Light. I continue to teach intuitive classes today via conference calls. Reading energy is a valuable skill to have both personally and professionally and one that anyone can learn.

Before I was seven years old I had vivid past life memories of being a Native American Indian.  These memories were so real that I could almost feel and touch them. I had visuals that I could not explain of the desert, cacti, horses and my people. These memories strongly contrasted my childhood years spent in the concrete jungle of New York City with a single mother. These visions were like nothing I had ever experienced this lifetime. In this old experience I felt a deeper connection with community, nature and animals than I experience today. I knew the land so well when I was a Native American that I could look down at any rock or a plant from my horse and know my exact location. Whereas, in this lifetime, I carry a compass with me so that I don't get lost!

When I was 17 years old my parents gave me the gift of a lifetime. They flew me to Arizona to have a reading with a famous channeler named Ann Puryear. She and I had never met before and I had not said anything to her about myself except for my name. Ann went into a meditative state and told me that I had been part of the Apache Indian tribe in a past life! I couldn't believe it and yet I already knew it to be true! It explained so much and brought so much clarity to my life!

Years later in my 20’s, I had chills running through me when I drove through New Mexico and Arizona, as the land seemed so familiar. I stopped in a gas station and picked up a card with a picture of Native Americans on it. Much to my surprise on the back it said, “Arizona and New Mexico- home of the Apache Indians.” If there were any hairs on my back I’m sure they stood up. I was home again! This explained my deep love for the area and why I later moved to the desert in Sedona, Arizona. It was to reclaim my old ways that I so cherished and missed!

Another lifetime that I remembered as a child was being a knight. The part that I can still feel and actually hear is the sound of my horses hooves clopping on the hard cobblestone streets late at night while entering the fortress. I was tired, sweaty and hungry but full of pride and duty. I also remember fighting in bloody battles and risking my life to honor my King and Queen. And then, the memory of betrayal when I was stabbed in the back, both literally and figuratively. I felt so expendable and that my life and duty had been a waste. This left feelings of mistrust within my soul for me to deal with this lifetime. When I was younger I used to talk a lot about loyalty and how important it was to me. Then, time and time again I felt let down by people who were loyal to themselves but not to me. This is how I finally learned one of the most important lessons in life; we must first and foremost be loyal to our Self and inner God. I love the part in the airplane when the flight attendants say, “Please put your oxygen mask on first and then assist your child.” This is the true story of how we must live lives. If we can’t care for and live life for ourselves first, then who can we do it for or help?

Some people say that there is not much value in knowing one’s past lives, but I do not find this to be true. In fact, when Ann Puryear read my past lives, it cleared my consciousness in ways that I can not even begin to explain. Not only did she say that I was Apache, she also said that I had been a knight. The past life reading verified what I already knew to be true and brought so much depth as to why I am the way I am. It makes sense that I come from a long history of warriors and medicine people!

Ann Puryear also said that I had several lifetimes in Italy, which is where I chose to spend my junior year abroad before I had the reading with her! She said I had been a translator in Rome and worked with traders coming in from foreign lands. Apparently I could learn languages in a matter of days or weeks! This might explain my love for languages and travel this lifetime, and the fact that I speak English, Spanish, Italian, French, a little Japanese and sign language today!

Another way that I developed my Medical Intuitive ability was by reading people’s energy clairvoyantly while I was treating them with body work. People were thrilled that I could see the causes and cures of their back pain as they were receiving a massage! This started my life long quest of helping people to balance their lives and heal their bodies.