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Empowerment Program, Level 2, Week 1, Homeplay

What percentage of your closet is red? 2. Say hello to the color red this week and write about some of it’s beneficial aspects and how it can help you. (2-3 sentences.) 3. AP Call: talk to your partner about what you have learned about the color red and yourself this week. Write about your
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I have given countless medical intuitive readings for people who have serious illnesses and have found that their illnesses traced back to difficult and painful experiences and memories. The majority of female illness can be traced back to rape. Sometimes these women remember the rape and sometimes they have blocked it out, especially when it
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You piss me off! No… I piss me off!

  I’m tired of not being who I want to be I’m tired of forgiving and not forgiving I’m tired of wanting to be someone else, I’m fine the way I am I’m tired of how ignorant and unconscious most people are I’m tired of guilt that destroys life I’m tired of making excuses for
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Do you support your friends?

Everyone has weaknesses. It’s why we are here on Earth. We are here to notice the strengths and weaknesses of ourselves and others and to find the power within to support ourselves and others in healthy ways. Do you have the courage to overlook your friends weaknesses and support them in their growth?


People seem to think that karma means there is a man (or woman) up in the sky who dictates your reality or future reality. Such as, if you do bad things in this life you will create bad “karma” and will therefore, have negative future lives. The truth is that karma is released as soon
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FREE Meditation Class (Audio)

Howdy all, One of my issues as a medical intuitive and teacher of meditation and energy reading is that people do not understand exactly what I do. They also believe that I can read energy but that they or YOU never could! So untrue. To help people get an idea of what I do I
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Liver Flush~ Make your entire body happy :)

  Liver and Gallbladder Flush by Flint Flintoft © 2006  Revised 2013 SCROLL DOWN TO THE DARK BLUE FOR THE LIVER FLUSH RECIPE The Liver Flush – One of the Best Things You Can Do for Your Body The liver is the largest organ in our body and perhaps the hardest working, responsible
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