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200 Hour Online Empowerment Program $44.00 per month
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The Empowerment Program is a 200-hour online course on clairvoyant energy reading & healing.
It is taught by Robin Eagle Sage, Medical Intuitive

In the EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM you will learn to:

  • Connect to source energy
  • Meditate and tap into your infinite guidance system
  • Give clairvoyant energy readings and healings to yourself and others on a variety of topics listed below
  • Balance, heal and empower yourself and others
  • Enliven your most powerful, on-purpose and authentic self
  • Learn to become a professional medical intuitive and energy reader
  • Manifest abundance using the universal laws of attraction
  • Help people find the causes and cures of their emotional and physical issues
  • Channel loving universal beings

The Empowerment Program is $44 per month. You may subscribe or unsubscribe from the program at any time. It is always open to new members. Once you subscribe above, you will have access to the Sage School of Light Members Page on this website where you will find all of the audio recordings for the 200 hour Empowerment Program. You may listen to the audios at your leisure. You may also contact other students in the Members Area "Contact List" to practice giving readings over the phone with other students. This is a wonderful way to meet like-minded people! You will also have access to a free Zoom call on the 1st of every month with Robin Eagle Sage, your guide. During this call you may ask her questions, practice giving readings and meet other members in the Empowerment Program.

(Each Level has 7 two hour classes!)

LEVEL 1: Meditation and Energy Tools

LEVEL 2: Reading Soul Colors

LEVEL 3: Reading the Auric Field

LEVEL 4: Chakras and Their Light (This class is 8 weeks)

LEVEL 5: Meeting Your Spirit Guides, Faeries, Angels, Entities and More…

LEVEL 6: Self-Love & Relationships

LEVEL 7: Answering Clients Questions

LEVEL 8: Financial Success and Abundance

LEVEL 9: Animal Communication

LEVEL 10: Medical Intuition 1: Anatomy of the body and soul

LEVEL 11: Medical Intuition 2: Anatomy of the body and soul

LEVEL 12: Medical Intuition 3: Detecting imbalances

LEVEL 13: Medical Intuition 4: The professional

LEVEL 14: Channeling~ Finding Your Unique Gift

Anyone can learn how to read energy! The Sage School of Light presents the most powerful and in-depth energy reading & healing training today. The students in this program will learn how to read the energy field of a person and diagnose blockages and cures to create flow and health in the body, mind and soul. You will start by reading yourself, then eventually your classmates, and then eventually strangers! In this program you will learn how to read and heal the energy and physiology of people and animals over the phone, using your clairvoyant abilities with your eyes closed. This will allow you to work internationally over the phone and Skype, as I do, sustaining a professional career as a Medical Intuitive, or any other specialized area of energy reading. You will also learn how to market yourself by creating a website, writing spiritual health blogs, networking, writing a Medical Intuitive book and more. This program also focuses on your own health including: diet, exercise, relationships, meditation, socializing and finances. Not only will you help others but you will upgrade your own life, including your health, awareness and prosperity! The graduates of this program will become some of the top energy readers, healers and Medical Initiatives (MI’s) in the world. This is because it is the most in-depth and well rounded program available today. The Empowerment Program is taught by Robin Eagle Sage, Medical Intuitive. The Empowerment Program is a practical and beneficial way to heal yourself and earn a living as you help others to do the same.

The EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM is a training in energy medicine where you will learn to become healthy, on-purpose and empowered! You will learn meditation, heightened awareness, clairvoyant energy reading, energy healing, channeling and more! Are you ready to transform your life to higher ground?

“Reading and healing energy is a glorious experience that is not a gift but a skill that anyone can learn. In the past 23 years I have taught hundreds of students to read and heal energy. You will not only learn a practical skill, you will have an INCREDIBLE awakening as you develop your true essence and power.”
Robin Eagle Sage, Medical Intuitive, LMT

The Empowerment Program is for individuals who want to see positive changes in their lives. It is also for those who would like to make a career of energy reading and healing, as we will address business aspects of the career, such as building a website and getting exposure. Many topics are included in the training, thus, a student may become a specialist in any area, such as, medical intuition, animal communication, angel readings, relationships, etc. Depending on one’s level of confidence, students tend to be ready to give professional readings and healings from six months to a year from the commencement of the training. What some people do not realize is that this program is a life-changing experience. We are not just healing others, we are healing ourselves as we work.