Information for New Members

Welcome to the Sage School of Light!

In order to access the class audios for your program you must login to the "Members Area" on my website at You can find the "Members Area" in the upper right hand corner on the purple menu bar. Please login with your user name and password that was emailed to you when you registered. You may change your password but not your user name. You can do this by scrolling over the Members Area to find the "Modify Profile" page. Please keep your login information in a safe place where you can access it when at home and while traveling. Once you are logged in, click on the program you signed up for.

If you are taking the Empowerment Program you will have full access to all of the programs from different years for a nice variety and a wealth of information. You will also have access to the separate Meditations listed at the bottom of the Members Homepage. You will have access to all of this as long as you are a subscribing member. You may not share the Members Area with any friends or family who are not subscribing.

If you are taking the Audit version of the Empowerment Program, I recommend only listening to one class per week. If you listen to more, you may become overwhelmed with the growth occurring in your body, mind and soul. As you listen, answer each question that the teacher asks you as if you were in the class. Push pause when you need to, and speak out-loud. Speaking out-loud will clear any blocked energy that wants to stop you from reading energy and becoming empowered. It will also help you to become a more confident, clear and grounded reader.

For all programs, please fill in your contact information and upload a close-up photo of your beautiful face so that we can see you and better connect with you. This contact information will only be seen by others in your program. It is how your fellow students will contact you to do practice energy readings and healings.

I hope you enjoy the program and please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you for expanding your awareness and shining your light!