Level 5, Week 5 Vacation-Homeplay


No homework this week! Enjoy a brake and relax. You all have been working so hard and you deserve the world. I can't tell you how proud I am of you. You are growing in leaps and bounds and becoming more and more aware.

Remember to go easy and to be gentle with yourselves. Once you see the light within your inner eye you know there is no turning back as there is only one truth; you are pure love and light and you are loved and accepted unconditionally by Source and beyond.

Enjoy Thanks Giving and the ones you are with.

I am grateful!!!

Feel free to leave comments below and to share the love.

See you back at camp on Wednesday the 28th. "Same bat time. Same bat channel." For those of you who grew up on Batman...

2 comments on “Level 5, Week 5 Vacation-Homeplay

  1. Victoria Reese

    I love the Batman reference, the break from homeplay, the kind words of encouragement, how far we have all come and most of all, I love each and everyone of you. Happy Thanksgiving to my beloved soul sisters and brothers!! ~ Hugs & Kisses ~ Victoire 🙂


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