Level 5 Week 6 Homeplay

  1. Meditation: Connect with a high-vibe alien each day this week. Write a couple of their messages here. Please remember to keep your homeplay paragraphs short. If you have fun or amazing experiences that you want to share with the group, please write about them in our private Facebook Sage School of Light blog. Make sure you are added to this group.

2. AP Reading:

A. Read a low-vibe alien for 15 mins (set your timer) who is interfering and invading your AP's space. Tell them why they are attracting the alien, how it is affecting them and how they can release it.  In other words, their contract/agreement. Then spend 5 minutes (set your timer) helping them to release and re-fill their energy body, guiding them in a positive love-filled meditation. Keep your energy grounded in your own space as you do this.

B. Then read a high-vibration alien for 20 mins (re-set your timer), who has a message for your AP. You can channel them, or simple relay their messages. If your AP has a challenge or question, feel free to let them ask the high-vibe alien a question. As always, write about it here.

  • Some questions to ask both high and low vibe aliens: Start with an energetic color. Describe what they look like. Their name. Where they are from. How long they have known your client/AP. Why are they attracting one another? What is the contract or agreement? Is it healthy or unhealthy? Does it feed their souls? What can they learn from the alien?

3. By now EVERYONE (including new students) must have a "new client form" and a contact APP? You must be able to record your client's contact information. Keeping new and potential client's names, phone numbers and email addresses is basic and essential for any business. You must have a way to retrieve this information and save it. Write here what system you are using, even if it is adding people to a simple document. This must be done by EVERYONE.

8 comments on “Level 5 Week 6 Homeplay

  1. Les Adler, M.D.H.

    1) One alien that I connected with was a rat. Rats are very intelligent ,and want everyone to be afraid of them. Their message is fear rThe agreement is that They will leave me alone if I let them stay and scare everyone else. The color is sort of a slimy green.They have known me since I moved in to our current house. It is an unhealthy relationship because they can be creating all sorts of havoc and I may not realize it till the damage is done. I get nothing out of the agreement except that they will leave me alone.

    1. Les Adler

      2. AP Reading. When we searched for a low vibe being, a fast moving snake appeared. The snake was in his finest as a fraudulent loving being. In fact after listening to it trying to cozy itself into the energy of my AP we were able to get rid of it . Thee snake was just a trickster that wanted to dominate the AP. She was somewhat vulnerable to the seductive efforts of the snake. I know we were supposed to connect with a being and not an animal but the snake is what came through.
      The high vibe being was a beautiful Hathor. She came to assist the planet. Sorry but I have forgotten much of the rest of the raeding.

  2. Michelle LeMoine

    1. HIgh vibe alien 1 message: This alien, Seringe, wants me and our empowerment group to raise our vibration so we can assist more people on this planet to connect with love, so we can heal the planet. The lack of love and wars are affecting all dimensions and it is imperative to heal this planet. I was brought here from another planet that was all love. I chose to assist in this process. Robin is our guide in facilitating this training to heal the earth.

    High vibe alien 2 message: This alien, Carmine, message was love your neighbor, be kind to everyone, be gently, love animals, take care of environment, eat wisely, manifest abundance and connect via our hearts. Lastly, make earth green again!

    2 AP reading low vibe Alien: This alien came from another planet, Pleides, dark greyish, black energy color. Alien looked black with white squinty eyes. This alien wanted to study the human body. It arrived when my AP was 14 for confidence and power. This was a vulnerable time for my AP because his father was yielding too much aggression toward him which made my AP feel threatened and unsafe. This alien was draining my AP’s energy which was affecting my AP’s ability to metabolize food correctly causing GI distress. I used Archangel Michael to remove this entity and we filled in that area with emerald green for the healing color. In addition, affirmations were provided for protection and would aid my AP to stand in his own power. This power must be derived from within.

    High vibe alien: Thor, from Sirius, the land of love, came forward in this reading. Thor was violet blue color, strong appearing man with shiny black skin. Very strong energy. I channeled Thor for my AP. His message in summary for my AP was “I’m here to give love, guidance, and teachings in your life. We are very proud of all the people my AP is reaching with his healings. Keep your heart flowing and remove any walls that you have built from your fears. I know you are very sensitive and living here on earth is challenging for your body. Your energy system is being affected by the chaotic environment you live in. ,You would benefit from living more in nature. Things that will help you with the chaotic environment being in nature, tuning forks, sound bowls, and meditating at night, when it is more quiet”.

    3. My website new client for is done at this point in time.

  3. Kimberley Lehman

    1. Meditation: Connected with high vibe alien female Integra, from the Pleiades star system. Her message was for me to enhance my service to the Oneness by raising vibrations of others and continuing to shine my light to awaken many fellow humans as I agreed to be present for this process, eons ago.

    Meditation: Second alien connection with Satya; knew me from Lumerian times. Help to heal this planet by example, heal myself and heal others with Divine guidance. Trust and believe as the Universe unfolds its magic to those willing and open to receive.

    Meditation: Third alien connection with Ahmet; high ranking officer of the Galactic Federation. Share the message of love and peace in all forms this holiday season, in alignment with the energies and higher frequencies bathing our planet during this Christ Consciousness time of year. Keep my own cup full so I can overflow love to others.

    2. AP Reading:

    A. Low vibe alien presenting as mercury silver evolved to a communal group of ants creating an energy blockage for my AP. Soul contract was unhealthy, to limit creativity and self-expression where my AP might otherwise find joy, in exchange for energy to power the “hive” located at AP’s right shoulder. Alien manifested a few years back when AP was not feeling confident about allowing his creative talents to emerge. Using love and acceptance as well as gratitude for the lessons provided, the alien was sent back to Source. We re-filled the space with green love and golden yellow self confidence from within.

    B. High vibe alien came through as a mother goddess entity, half woman, half galaxy. Her beauty, loving grace and vastness was enormous. She embraced AP in her Divine love and compassion, encouraging to trust and believe in the path chosen. That all lessons to this point were by design, by choice, and for a reason. Remain open to learn and accept your perfection; know the best is yet to come. Thank you for your service, thank you for your dedication to the light. You are loved and appreciated and I am here for you whenever you ask. Carry my love with you always. Also allow yourself to receive love from others.

    3. Obtained and customizing a new client form. Downloaded and learning client contact management application, FullContact.

  4. stefan fabry

    1. Meditation: Connect with a high-vibe alien:
    One alien brought the gift of equanimity; a sense of balance between all pairs of opposites; it created a vibrational sound that was directed towards certain organs of the body to help them regenerate.

    2. AP Reading:

    A. Read a low-vibe alien:
    My Ap’s low vibe alien was actually a pair of aliens. They created a sort of harness around the neck of my AP partner. They came in as the shields were down due to an accident. They were waiting for a chance like that to come in. My AP partner used them as a means to exert control over people. Upon healing that my AP recieved the discernment between empowerment and power over people. This led to clarity. In the healing meditation that followed an image of a bridge with infinite branches was shown to connect to Source itself and Source using these infinite bridges into the core of my AP partner similar to how AC current works; a mutual recharging was in process.

    B. Then read a high-vibration alien:

    Upon channeling the traveling alien brought forth a gift to my AP: the appreciation of the unique and rare opportunity to get to experience a human body. Not all forms of awareness get that opportunity. It also showed my AP that she is a form of traveling awareness on an almost infinite journey. The implication of all that is that my AP can relax into a sense of peaceful detachment during this lifetime.

    3. I have a new client form and I am using a CRM software to keep track. Later on, I will use MailChimp for email campaigns, when the time is ripe.
    My website, however, is in complete upheaval; truly a construction site and not ready for viewing 🙂

  5. JoDean Cooper

    1. Meditation with high vibe alien. One of the most influential messages I received was to follow my heart and “feel” my way to my truth. Low vibe message was thepughly vague and hard to think with corresponding sharp pangs in my occipital region of my skull.
    2. AP reading was postponed due to illness in my AP’s family and then her eventual fatigue and illness.
    3. Contact app: ‘Addappt’, Samsung ‘Contacts’ app, and ‘My Contacts Backup & transfer’

    1. JoDean Cooper

      1. Continued-
      Additionally I have contracts with low vibratory foreign entities who encircle me in a negative victim, low self- worth mindset. With recurring mental stories of being passed over for promotions in my career and jobs. They get my positive energy and in turn I get to turn off my brain to being present and connected with a side benefit of playing victim and garnering sympathy from others.


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