Level 5, Week 4, Homeplay

  1. Meditation: Connect with an angel each day this week. Write a couple of their messages here. Please remember to keep your homeplay paragraphs short and sweet.
  2. AP Reading: (30-40 mins each.) Read a high vibrational ANGEL who has a message for your AP. You can channel them and speak directly as if you are them or simple relay their messages. If your AP has a challenge or question, feel free to let them ask the angel you are channeling/reading. As always, write about it here.
  3. Tech/business: Contact App on phone and iCloud. After your client fills out your "new client form" that you have set up automatically, such as on my website, input their information into a contact App, such as, on your smart phone, if you have one. Link it to iCloud on your computer (or something similar) so that when you travel or loose your phone, you will always have access to your clients' info. I input my clients' info, such as their name, email and phone number, via iCloud on my computer. Then I copy and paste all the other info, such as their question and health info into the "notes" section of the same contact App on iCloud. After the reading I write the date at the bottom of all the notes and then the highlights of the reading, such as, the cause and cure to their issue. This will help you to remember your clients and jog your memory of what the reading was about, so that when they call you again you have a point of reference.  Report your progress with this project here, and any help you may need. Discuss this with your AP and they may be able to assist you. Remember all things can be Googled if you don't know how to do something.

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  1. JoDean Cooper


    1. Meditation: Connecting with an angel each day this week
    ” Go forth into my daily life and lead with my heart…feel my way through my day. Notice what makes me feel happier, and stay within that moment of feeling place. We are with you in love and here to help guide me. As I make choices to leave this dimension and embrace my new reality. Without blinders, distractions, obstructions or filters.”

    2. AP assignment: There has been resistance on my part of being grounded and safe for the AP reading. We have rescheduled for Monday morning 11/12/18 to try again.

    3. Tech/business: Contact App on phone and iCloud: I downloaded both ‘addappt’ and ‘Covve’ apps to try them out and see which one is a better fit for me.

  2. Laura Jepsen

    1. In my angel readings for myself, they showed me a river that flows, and told me that I need to let the energy flow by keeping my energy light. I am trying to work with the heavier energies and that is creating a dam, I need to get lighter for fluidity. Don’t try to force it.
    They also got poetic:
    “Let the angels carry you
    listen with a quiet ear
    hear the footsteps before they take a step.
    Branch out into the horizon
    and you can see them before they arrive.”
    They talked a lot about resistance vs. flow: transform resistant, tension and uneasiness into flow, light, ease, grace and flexibility.

    2.In my reading on my AP, the angel Gabriel came through, who said this reading was about cutting through the veil of illusion. Then a female angel who was one of his helpers came though and discussed how my AP is seeing things though a false perception that she created at 16 years of age and that only she can break though to be able to see things clearly as they really are. She suggested that my AP write down her thoughts about a particular area and then look at them carefully to see a theme. She can then re-write the sentences, to reflect the truth and who she is today, rather than through the perceptions of the 16 year old girl. The energy got stuck at 16 due to a fear of the future of adult responsibilities and a lack of our culture to provide a rite of passage ceremony into adulthood.

    3. I am planning on hiring a company to create and maintain my website for me, when I am ready to launch my business. There are two companies in my area that I have already looked into.

  3. Kimberley Lehman

    1. Connecting with an angel each day this week:
    Thursday: Angel connection with Ariel. She loves bees, butterflies and flowers. She is with me to help enhance my connection to nature in the Oneness through bees, butterflies, and flowers. When I came inside, a butterfly photo I have on the wall had fallen down and was on my computer!
    Friday: Angel connection with Darius. He has been with me since my awakening, when asked by my spiritual “parents” to watch over me. He enjoys assisting me with safe travel, good parking spaces (when I remember to ask) and how my awareness has expanded. Keep up the good work, he said.
    Saturday: Angel connection with Archangel Michael. He is assisting me with removing chords of other people’s energy which no longer serve me and my higher purpose. He reminded me this is an ongoing process of healing and to continue my healing meditations and to ask anytime for his assistance with this endeavor.
    Sunday: Angel connection with Morpheus, one of my dog’s sprit guides and apparent angel. He came in to remind me to be patient with Penny as she is going through some healing and expansion right along beside me. He said she may need more rest and nurturing during this time as it may be confusing for her. He said the end result will be blessings for us both. (That felt really nice!)

    2. AP assignment: We were unable to coordinate schedules; however, I did have an extended reading with a friend. She is having challenges with her daughter Elsie, whom she stated was acting out through non-compliance, ignoring her, and not communicating her needs. I was able to connect with Elsie and determine that she was jealous of another sibling and the attention that sibling was getting from Mom, so her feelings are hurt. She also is on some medication that is making her feel grumpy and lethargic and feels that Mom is not being patient with her while she feels poorly. She also doesn’t like the cold weather and wants to go somewhere warm (they are nomadic). She doesn’t understand why they haven’t left yet for warmer climates. All of this blends together into a general case of withdrawal, expressed by “I can’t hear you.” I reminded both parties to be patient with each other, that everyone is going through their own issues, and to try putting more love into situations that may appear to be frustrating, to try to turn them around.

    3. Tech/business: Based on recent discussions, I will not be pursing this piece at this time.

    1. Kimberley Lehman

      2. a. AP and I were able to connect this afternoon to exchange readings. AP did a fabulous job! He was able to bring in an angel that kept changing to a bald eagle. He saw the space where I live in the summer and described it like he was there. Also picked up a past life for me as a male American Indian living alone in this place (it is historically known that tribes settled in this area) and that it was a key to my connection to Spirit and Mother Earth. He saw my trailer, again describing it beautifully, and conveyed it was my “home base.” Read that my angels were very happy with the choices I have made so far; that no matter what I choose now will be successful. That I enjoy a “buffet of options” and spontaneously select and go with the flow. In my AP reading, I saw a small house with a long driveway and barren trees in the snow. I was able to connect with Archangel Michael who told me to encourage my AP to focus on the now and use the beauty of today to let go of the past events and relationships associated with the house. Michael said the lessons learned there are complete and for my AP to move forward and seek happiness. I saw my AP laughing and enjoying the holidays in a different place from the house. My AP then explained that the house belonged to him and his newly ex-wife. Also that he had plans to “be somewhere else” for the holidays and that the house was soon to be sold. He explained the contract fell through and I immediately felt that a better deal was coming in the near future, before the holidays. We both had GREAT readings!

  4. Lilia Collins

    1. My angel’s messages have been about my power coming from within myself. All the answers and wisdom are also from within. This has also been a recurring theme in my AP’s messages for them.

    2. My AP’s higher self came through with a powerful message of self love and patience. I asked for his highest angel but his higher self came in very strong. They are exactly where they are supposed to be and to be gentle and kind with himself.

    3. I am at the onset of hiring someone to embed the contact form in my website. I have been out of town and should be able to complete this last assignment soon. No current updates on my website.

  5. Victoria Reese

    1.) My angels have been reminding me all week to stay in my power by speaking my truth and not wavering. They have been encouraging me to love myself more deeply and fully as they love me and to let my light shine. Interestingly. Or not (lol) my AP heard the same words during our reading time!

    2.) My AP had a beautiful angel named Claire who brought forth an upgrade to my AP. This upgrade was planned for now to awaken her to remember the plant knowledge she once practiced as a medicine woman in a prior life in France. She will use these tools to help heal others and herself as well!

    3.) I have found a “tech” person (I hope) and I’m in the process of seeing if we are a good match for working together to help me with the tech end of my business.

  6. Michelle LeMoine

    1. Meditation: I met a few angels this week. One name Theresa and the other Maria. Theresa message was that she loves when I am happy. She wants to assist me with my work and evolving to a higher frequency. Maria wants to help me in my journey to heal my body. She said not to worry that I would heal and that she would help me to connect to those healers that would assist me.

    2. AP Call. My AP’s angel was a young woman named Mandela. Her message was that she liked my AP enjoying herself and being a good mom. She also wants my AP to stand in her royal power and not be afraid to let herself shine. It’s important to do this in order to change the world which is why she is here.

    3. I have set up my contacts with icloud as you suggested. I have completed my intake form on my website.

  7. john walsh

    1. Was able to connect with angel. Was given positive reassurance and encouragement. Very loving and caring energy, that becomes stronger and easier to connect with each meditation.

    2. Was able to connect with AP’s angel. Was advised that some physical problems are emotional in origin, and are short term. Was given advice to improve AP’s health via dietary changes.

    3. Have iCloud on my phone, contacts are connected to cloud and computer.

  8. stefan fabry

    1. Meditation:

    Connected with an angel, color green, that shows up as a unicorn with the name Pegas. It is genderless. It’s message: “you need inner boundaries” and it is willing to assist me with that.
    Another angel is Creosita color pinkish red, looks like a creole overweight young woman with big boops and a heavenly voice for singing. She is here to help me flourish. Her message is to love myself.

    2. AP Reading: (30-40 mins each.)
    My AP’s angel: hue light yellow, name Rebecca, it’s all about joy, is good with strategizing and bringing sobriety to her while connected to a state of joy. she appears as a naked woman who is pure joy. The message to my AP is to enjoy her body and love her body from the inside out. It likes to embody my AP’s body when she connects to joy and the pleasure of being alive.

    3. Tech/business: Working on it; looking into CRM software and other contact apps in app store

  9. Les Adler

    1. I was away all week and was not aware of this assignment.

    2. My AP had a beautiful angel named Luana. She wore pink and Carried a sweet loving energy. She talked about his past history of naivete and his need to be more cautious when choosing who to work or play with. He was aware of his tendency to be too nice. She pointed out that would be entering a different phase of his life which would be devoted toward teaching. He has a soft and gentle side which is attractive to people who want to learn from him. We channeled her and got some more specific ways he could adjust so as not to be hurt.


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