Interesting Past Life


Name: Peter Rabbit (Changed for patient privacy)

Health/other issue: Cut on the tongue that never heals.

Emotional Cause:

I clairvoyantly saw that Peter Rabbit had been formerly tortured in a past life with by the Nazi’s during the Holocaust. Guest where he was tortured? Yes, his tongue. I have seen in many readings that the Nazi’s did a lot of “research” on the Jewish folk. All kinds of things from learning about pain thresholds to seeing what the effects of different “acts” would be. Not a pleasant topic to write about, yet true. Peter Rabbit has a ring of energetic fear running through his body due to this experience. It makes him anxious and he has a difficult time slowing down and relaxing.

Emotional Cure:

The highly effective Hawaiian Ho’o Pono Pono technique. It is an easy meditation to use. Simply envision the person, relationship or situation that you need to heal and ask for 4 things while visualizing it happening: 1. Please forgive me, I forgive you 2. I’m sorry 3. Thank you 4. I love you. Repeat this meditation daily until healed. This can be hard to do with people who have hurt you. Forgiveness does not mean you should or must spend time with such abusers. But it does mean that on a higher conscious level you forgive them as a spirit and child of God.

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3 comments on “Interesting Past Life

  1. Marie-Claude Vanhecke

    Wow, it makes total sense, wishing Peter Rabbit healing and blessings.

    Thank you for the reminder of Ho’oponopono, so easy to forget, but so effective.

    I need to do that,

    Mahalo Nui Loa,


    1. Robin Eagle Sage Post author

      Hi Marie-Claude!

      Long time- good to hear from you! That’s so sweet of you to offer blessings to my client. I’m sure Peter Rabbit will appreciate it.

      Mahalo and I hope you are thriving and well,



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