Robin Eagle Sage was an excellent surprise during our trip to Sedona! My husband and I signed up for an hour session each (energy readings) not knowing what to expect. It was different than other mediums, channels and psychics we've been to. She gave insight as to what happened to us in this and past lives that is still in our energy fields (even though we have already dealt with these things intellectually/psychologically.) Then she did a healing of the energy with us visualizing it moving out of our fields while she was moving the energy as well. She named areas of the body that needed healing and mentioned foods and techniques to support those areas. She taught us techniques to continue to fill our energy fields with our own energy and clear out invading energy fields (how to lovingly send parents, siblings, past life tormentors, etc out of our individual spaces!) About 20% (my number not Robin's) of my field was filled with someone else's energy - which Robin identified. She/we sent him packing, and after the session my head felt clear. I could feel the breeze and sense the essence of the nature around me. There were no more judgments or any heavy, critical thinking in my head - no stress! I cannot say enough about the experience.  If you are willing to work beneath the surface of your mental activities and trust in an energetic process, this is for you. Teachings I thought I already knew, she phrased in ways that unlocked a fullness of understanding I'd been needing.

My husband and I were not in the room together, but have listened to one another's sessions since. We were able to help one another work with the information that came through and continue to benefit from the daily clearing practices. Thank you Robin!!!

We look forward to your youtube channelings of nature spirits, planets, animals, etc!!!  If you want to go viral maybe channel the covid--19 virus? There are not many videos out there and people are searching it constantly right now.

We will be in touch sooner or later for follow-up sessions. Rich was also very pleased and impressed with his session/your work upon reviewing it twice more (and is doing the work.)

Thank you for doing what you do and being a part of the healing!

Sara & Rich from Pittsburgh, Penn

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