One particular client rocked my world today with the information I found, so I thought I would share what happened...

What I learned in this clairvoyant reading is that the same way a human can be part Mexican, German, French, and so on, is the same way a person’s DNA can be, well, multi-dimensional and inter-species, for the lack of a butter word.

After I healed my client’s heart arrhythmia, she asked me if I would look into her soul’s history. Surprisingly, I saw that her DNA is partially crystalline and that she is part angelic and part butterfly from a different time period. Because she was used to being light and airy when she was part of the angelic realm, she was having a hard time being human this lifetime with all of its heaviness. I also saw that she had lived in Mesopotamia in a past life and was called a water-bearer. She was an Egyptian healer in a female body who performed water rituals to purify baby’s souls. This sleek woman was wrapped in gold-colored material resembling a skirt. She was the epitome of grace and femininity. She carried a smooth round black rock in her left hand and a large green emerald in her right. This was part of the way she cleared unhealthy energy out of baby’s souls and then filled them with a pure green healing light. My client was unassuming in this past life and healed many souls.

What I have learned as a medical intuitive is that it is our souls which must heal first, in order for our bodies to heal. Nothing really matters in the world of healing, except for the way we feel about ourselves and our lives. Do we feel happy? Do we feel relaxed? Do we feel loved and in the energy of LOVE? This is all that matters. In order to heal the body one’s heart and soul must be healed first. Then, everything falls into place.

Yes, physical maladies and pain are real, VERY REAL. But it is the heart and soul that heals the body and not the other way around. And that can only be done with our minds and hearts.

Please be happy and well everyone!

With love,


3 comments on “ARE YOU PART ANGEL TOO?

  1. Chris Juarez

    “Are you part Angel too?” Is a wonderful piece. It really drives the point we must heal our souls before we heal our bodies. The use of love is really important. I also use acceptance and being greatful to heal my soul. Be happy and love yourself.


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