Level 7 Week 2 Homeplay

  1. AP reading: (30 mins each) Ask a "Will I..." question. Such as, will I become a millionaire? A. Explain how you will read a "future" question. B. Discern their goal. C. Half the reading is of what is blocking their goal and the other half is D. how to achieve their goal. (This is a double focused question.) Use your reading procedures from the beginning. Write about the reading here.
  2. After the reading is finished, ask your AP for positive and negative feedback to help improve your reading style. Do not exceed 5 minutes for this.
  3. Post, email, blog for future candidates for "Should I/Will I..." questions.

2 comments on “Level 7 Week 2 Homeplay

  1. Stefan FabryStefan Fabry

    1. Since my AP partner wasn’t available I found another practice partner. Her question was: will I be earning money with energy readings and clairvoyant readings? If she didn’t move towards her goal by standing behind it and voicing it out loud, the reading showed that it would affect her eyes, her throat, and her posture. If she stood by this pull to immerse herself professionally, she would connect to her higher self and be guided every step. In both options, it was clear that there is no way to know what anything else but the very next really is. The rest will be revealed as she takes that next step.

    2. I did receive positive feedback but no negative feedback. The reading seemingly went smooth and well.

    3. Will need another day to create the next blog post. Will post it here,

  2. Stefan FabryStefan Fabry

    3. Sorry for the delay. Note: I was wondering why I am struggling with getting organized. It seems it should be easy, and yet it hasn’t been for me. I am concluding that I was allowing time to run away from me by trying to pack too many things into each worksession. Now I am experimenting with working 1 hr on each project. I got more done today. Celebration.

    Here is the link to the blog


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