Level 7, Week 1, Home-Play

  1. AP reading: (30 mins each) Ask a "should I do this or that" question. Such as, should I move to the country or should I stay in the city? This is a double focused question. Practice telling the person your philosophy before you start. Read the pros and cons of each double focused question. Use your reading procedures. After the reading is finished, ask your AP for positive and negative feedback to help improve your reading style. Do not exceed 5 minutes for this.

2. Blog about what you learned in class. It can be short or medium length. Key words are, "future," "free-will" and "destiny." Make your readers so interested in your philosophy, abilities and examples that they want to have a reading with you! Copy what you write into your Facebook, Twitter, blog and newsletter. Make sure your website has a way for viewers to sign-up for your newsletter. Copy the link to your blog here.

3 comments on “Level 7, Week 1, Home-Play

  1. DevarthiDevarthi

    1) My AP had a question regarding two possibilities. I tried to make it into a simple yes or no question. It became a “should I” do A or not. I started with a prayer and then had him state his name . Apparently, I repeated the description of my methodology after he had stated his name. We did come to some clarity regarding the issue. I had tried to simplify but I am not sure it helped any. However, I don’t know what would be a cleared way

    2) People often ask the question,” what does the future hold for me. Should I or shouldn’t I.” In general I don’t think it is a good idea to try to predict the future. However, from the exercise we did this week, there seemed to be ways to get a peek at the future by defining the present through a standard reading. I got much clearer from my reading that definitely helped.

  2. Stefan FabryStefan Fabry

    1. AP reading was a bit rugged since I messed up the structure a bit. I also by mistake failed to ground properly before the reading and I felt the effects. My AP partner had a question about a decision regarding a property. One option was supported by a bright, yellow color which had a mood of lightness. The other option was accompanied by a dark hue and the feeling of having to be on the ball for a long time. It felt less appealing to my AP than the yellow color option.

    2. Am working on this point and will submit as soon as I am done with the blog post.


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