Heart Chakra Authenticity Awakes!


Last night my students in the medical intuitive training program and I read the 4th chakra. That’s the heart chakra. So much is getting stirred up in my heart after that class because when we read energy and do healings on ourselves, it always stirs up whatever is ready and willing to come out and be healed!

The biggest thing coming up for me around the heart chakra is authenticity. It’s funny how I can think that I am so authentic and real, and then when I read the energy of my heart chakra for two hours I can see how much more strengthening there is to do! There are layers upon layers within our Beings. And just when we think we are cruising along and doing well, we find another 12 layers to be healed! What’s important for those on the healing path to remember, is that it’s the journey, not the destination that counts. And that the journey will always continue. That’s what our souls actually want, despite our egoic desires of perfection. Truly we are here for growth and adventure, and that can be joyous if we let it be.  If we say to ourselves, “Oh God, not that again! You mean I’m not perfect yet like I thought?” we descend in our spiritual growth. But if we say, “Great, more healing to be done!” with a smile and good energy, then we will be on a happier, flowing and more fruitful path.

I must say that when I looked at my heart chakra it was definitely in need of an upgrade. I have been aware for a while that I am not the most compassionate person at times, but I wasn’t exactly sure what to do about it. As a very psychic child I shut my heart down because I was in too much pain due to my sensitivities living in a world where few, if any, understood me. Later when I went to psychic school to develop my abilities into a private practice, we were taught to avoid the heart chakra. I think the teachers at the Berkeley Psychic Institute felt that emotions could get in the way of giving a neutral and balanced reading. They are correct in the same way that surgeons should not be emotional when performing their work or be in close relation to the patient receiving the surgery. Although this is true and it is beneficial to know how to give a reading and remain neutral to the patient, the heart must still remain open, feeling and authentic.

What I saw last night in class is that the heart must be free and authentic in order to be happy. Or as my student said, “The heart must be authentic in order to be free.” The quest of the heart is to know one’s self and to act in alignment with one’s truth.

There are so many things that we say and do that are not in alignment with our true selves. Mostly, we act inauthentically because we don’t fully know or understand ourselves. Every time you move into your heart chakra and give it some love and a healing, more of your truth will be revealed. This morning I woke up and felt like a different person, because I am after class. I dressed more authentically, I thought more authentically and I was disturbed by things that normally were okay with me. I had less tolerance for things people said and did that were not in alignment with myself and was motivated to speak up when usually I would remain silent. The truth about being authentic is that it involves loving yourself more. When you do this you will not have the same tolerance for the BS in your life. It’s good to be particular because being particular will lead you in a certain positive direction in life, that otherwise you would never arrive at. This can mean literal places that you go, people that you meet and all kinds of experiences and feelings that you would never have if you were to continue your life as you always had, with the same degree of love and acceptance within.

Now that I know the obvious; that self-love, acceptance, self-compassion and authenticity reside in the heart chakra, I would like to do more heart chakra readings and healings so that I in turn benefit from the growth, as well as my clients and patients. It’s time!

I will be giving a $100 discount for all 4th chakra heart readings and healings for the month of July and August! If not now, then when will we strengthen our hearts and become empowered souls?

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