Positive Reprogramming to Heal


I met a man who was a commander in the Coast Guard and fetched people out of ships that went down in icy water, oil spills, etc. They were sent to all the disasters that happened in the US seas. He is a true hero. After his long service he had serious nightmares and PTSD. The Veteran's office wanted to do an experiment, so they put him on a course of subliminal messaging for PTSD while he slept for 300 nights. 300 days is what they recommend to heal. That shows how much work it takes to re-train the brain! Now, after my friend's 300 nights, he is doing very well in society and is without any nightmares. He is a very kind, intelligent and gentle man.

Because energy work takes a lot of repetition of affirmations to positively retrain the body, mind and soul, I recommend subliminal messaging using the subject of need. For example, if you have low self-esteem that sabotages you, use the subliminal messaging on improving self-esteem for 300 nights as you sleep. The nice part is that you will sleep well with the sound of waves in the background, meanwhile, completely giving your brain a make over with little to no effort on your part.

Real Subliminal is the company I recommend. They show the words they use in each different track, which I like. I play them as I sleep on iTunes and put the computer on repeat so that they keep playing all night long. We all have different issues. Why not spearhead them as we sleep so that we may reach our fullest potential!




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