Create A Magnificent Life!


One thing I have noticed about people is that they like to complicate things. I prefer to keep it grounded and simple. As a medical intuitive who has given twenty years’ worth of energy readings and healings and cured countless diseases, I have realized that simplicity is the key to life and can be the heart of efficacy. For this reason I have an amazing tool I would like to share with you. You can use it to manifest any dream you wish. However, material items, money and relationships may not bring you happiness. For this reason, I suggest your goal to be A MAGNIFICENT LIFE! This way all of your bases are covered, because if you say your life is magnificent, then it is!

How To Create A Magnificent Life:

  • Take ten long, deep breathes and smile
  • Say to yourself, “I have a magnificent life.”
  • Imagine a color that represents your magnificent life.
  • Say hello to the color and allow it to envelope your soul.

Do this exercise three times a day and watch your life expand and thrive!

*Note - Your colors may change, minute by minute and day by day, as what you need to create a magnificent life will also change.

By Robin Eagle Sage, Medical Intuitive.

Copyright 2018 Sage School of Light. All rights reserved.


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