I have given countless medical intuitive readings for people who have serious illnesses and have found that their illnesses traced back to difficult and painful experiences and memories. The majority of female illness can be traced back to rape. Sometimes these women remember the rape and sometimes they have blocked it out, especially when it happened in childhood. Yet, the fear that the abuse created inside their bodies remains and creates a toxic environment that easily breeds disease. The point of an energy reading is to see what's really going on inside of a person. And to bring the unhealthy past experience (which is still current in the body) to the surface so that the person may deal with the issue that is causing them to be sick so that they may heal it.

The problem with many new age/spiritual people is that they dive into their shadow side and never come out. It is beneficial to know oneself, including the ugly parts, so that one can make new choices about how one would like to be. But what I see more often than not is people either denying their truth and being completly unaware or wallowing in their shadow side. This does not help anyone, as whatever you focus on WILL grow stronger.

Let's say you were abused by your parents or perhaps you were raped by a stranger. It's important to understand that these experiences caused inner pain and that you don't want them to happen again. In other words, you must be clear about what you don't want in your life to know what you do want. The problem is that many people stay in the "what I don't want" mode. I have seen from countless readings that humans feel that if they forget about the malevolent past that it will creep back into their lives. The opposite is true. If you keep thinking about the fearful experiences, they will return to you through your sheer focus. They may look like different experiences but they are really the same.

So what is the best life option? The best option is to be aware of what you don't want so that you know what you want, and then to focus on what you want. This means saying, "Because I was raped and did not enjoy the experience, I choose to be around people who are respectful, who honor my wishes and desires, and who have good boundaries. I desire to be with people who are loving to me and treat my body, mind and spirit with respect." This positive aspect of what you do want needs to be the majority of what you think about and it must feel good. In other words, as you think the thoughts or speak the words, you must feel good, imagine well and smile. You must take deep honoring breathes. At this point, you will be re-envisioning your inner chemistry and body. This means you are literally changing your cellular structure and DNA. You are changing and evolving emotionally which is always matched to your anatomy. This is what will stop the abusive ancestral and familial patters from occurring into the next generation. This is what heals. Not wallowing in your dark side or re-examining your shadow again and again.

When you heal you will feel it in your bones. The positive change is evident immediately by how you feel. We are so accustomed to being in pain that there is little room for joy. We somehow think its a bad thing to feel good. That we don't deserve it and our religious ethics from lifetimes past do not allow for it. It's true, they don't. That is why we must break free of the bondage set from times past and stop rearranging it into more modern versions of the same thing, like the New Age shadow side. We cannot continue to say that it was unhealthy that our parents were alcoholics but that smoking marijuana or taking ayahusca is fine. You say you are conscious the way you take drugs today and you think that makes it okay? Well, why wasn't it fine for your parents to have fun drinking at a party? Or in their closet?  Who says that having fun is not spiritual? I think fun is spiritual, but not at the expense of one's health or truth.

The point is that we don't want to use ANY EXCUSE to take us from the uncomfortable and comfortable truth of knowing ourselves. We don't want denial as it will not allow us to grow or evolve. Just because you are taking a different "drug" than the folks who came before you does not mean that you are addressing your pain either. We can not break through the chains of the past unless we stop to examine ourselves, feel into the pain and then make BETTER decisions. Decisions that involve health, nature, sports, collectives, love, communication, peace, healthy relationships, healthy food, healthy drinks... In other words, there is a point at which our awareness must be acted upon and changed. If we sit too long in fear without turning it around we are doomed. The whole point of painful experiences is to learn what you don't want so that you can better prepare your soul for what you do want. This takes courage, belief and action.

You already know what you don't want. So what is YOUR action plan? You don't have to say, "I don't want to be abused again," because you already know that and it will put more energy into the creation of you being abused again! You and only you are the creator of your life. And everyone else will "help" you, whether you create something healthy or destructive. So know what you want and focus on that and that alone. Since you create your reality, you only need to forgive yourself for the past. This is a constant job for the human race. No one is exempt from this. Forgive, move on and focus on the wonderful things and people that you would like in your life. This does not take away from your growth. Growth does not have to be painful. You may shed this addiction now. Life is a choice and you may choose the things you desire in life right now. So get your head off the pillow and start to be smart and CREATE SMART!

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