People seem to think that karma means there is a man (or woman) up in the sky who dictates your reality or future reality. Such as, if you do bad things in this life you will create bad "karma" and will therefore, have negative future lives. The truth is that karma is released as soon as you forgive yourself and others. Have you ever heard of a man named Jesus? Forgiveness is what he attempted to teach. But you know how people are. They like to twist things about and come up with their own realities. That is why good karma or bad karma is based on what you think and believe about yourself.  That's it! If you feel good about yourself you will create good experiences and if you feel bad about yourself you will create bad experiences. There is no dictator up in the sky. You are the ultimate dictator of your life. If you have good energy that vibes from your center out into the Universe, you create a positive environment both inside and outside of your body. Because as we know, as above is below.

If you protected your mother by killing someone who was trying to kill her and you feel good about it because you were being a loving and protective child, then you will create positive karma. And if you feel guilty about it you will create negative karma. So the question is, how do you feel about yourself? Sometime people can feel bad about themselves even though they have never done anything wrong. This may stem from what you did in a previous life and how you feel/felt about it. If you felt bad and did not heal the situation, you will definitely carry your feelings into your present life.  Isn't that fun? The good news is that it can always be healed and forgiven at ANY time. Remember, it is as YOU say, old master.

Energy reading and meditation helps us to get to the core of our issues and to find clarity. Energy healings help us to release past wounds. These wounds are energetic and emotional to begin with and will eventually turn into physical wounds. Energy healing and forgiveness allows us to let go, heal and move on!

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