Are you a sugar addict?


By Robin Eagle Sage, Medical Intuitive

Unless you are a strict eater, basically everyone is a sugar addict now because sugar is being put in almost all foods. This is to make people addicted so that they come back to buy more. Sugar weakens the immune system, creates instability in mood and blood sugar levels, hardens arteries, creates candida, cancer and so much more.

My student Paedrin just posted the following on our private Sage School of Light Facebook page. With her permission, I am posting what she wrote because I think it's awesome and I know a lot of us can relate to it. Paedrin writes, "I have been a major sugar addict, and Robin's class has pushed/ inspired/ motivated/ propelled me to finally give it up. It has been 60+ days now, and I just want to share what has finally allowed me to transform my habit.

Within the diet guidelines that Robin recommends, we follow them for optimal health and in order to be as clear a channel as possible, Robin makes a very important suggestion: To allow ourselves to be human! Such simple advice, yet this is what has allowed me to embrace new ways of eating with great ease. I have now given up all gluten, red meat, sugar, most grains (still eating rice), chips/junk, and I'm ready to keep going!

I have been aware of my extremism since I was very young; my "all or nothing and nothing in between" behavior. I have tried cutting out sugar many times, and each time I have embarked on this endeavor I felt depressed, despair, frustrated, and anxious. This is because I would either tell myself I would never eat sugar again, which was depressing when I thought of all of the brownies and pies and cookies and ice cream and lemon bars... or I wouldn't set a clear intention and I would tell myself it was "just for now", which was frustrating because I wanted it to last.

Cutting things out is easy when you tell yourself you can have it if you want it, but then choose not too because you prefer the way you feel without the substance. During these 60 days, I have had half of a gluten-free brownie, which I thoroughly allowed myself to enjoy. I also had a few sips of a mango lassi, and a couple bites of my grandmother's apple crumble. In the past, I would have called myself a failure for doing that, and thought to myself, "I already failed, so I might as well stop trying". I would have had four or five slices of the crumble, then bought a bin of cookies on my way home and eaten them all, then wake up in the morning and eat dessert after breakfast, dessert after lunch, and dessert after dinner!

I am feeling balanced now, and free. Yeah! I am grateful." heart emoticon

What I, (Robin) have noticed is that if I eat sugar, the next day I will feel very low, depressed, irritated and even angry. Paedrin also confirmed this fact for herself. If you would like the medical skinny on sugar, please watch the video below.



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