Spirit Fibs On His Mom


woman-by-windowI did a reading for a woman whose adult son had died. I channeled him and the first thing he showed me was an image of his mom sitting by the window looking out. He told me to tell his mother to go outside more often and to meet people and do things. I told my client this and sure enough she said, "Yes, I have agoraphobia and a problem getting outside of the house." Wow, energy readings never cease to amaze me! After all these years, I am still blown away! It's so much fun being an interpreter. And I swear, the readings with family members who have passed are always the most touching!!!

I'm holding space for us all to get outdoors! I have this issue sometimes too. Anyone else? I think it comes from pretty deep seated fears. And as we all know it is fears that cause illness. It's so nice living across the street from a lake. But I still have to force myself to get out and so I say to myself, "You love walking around the lake Robin." Once I'm out walking I'm fine. And I go around and around the lake and then have to pull myself back in. Pretty ironic. We all have so many fears and yet, they are there to be conquered. Let's feel SAFETY & LOVE. AHHHHH.

To all of my students and fellow energy readers: Always trust what you see clairvoyantly! You will feel that you are making it up or that it couldn't possibly be accurate, but it always will be if you learn to trust yourself!

PS- If anyone wants me to do a weekend or week course for beginners, just let me know.

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