Healing my poor memory!


Last week I was feeling sick and tired of my poor memory and wanted to do something about it! I "said hello" (a energy reading technique) to the blockage that was creating my poor memory. I immediately saw what looked like a hard black volcanic honey comb with holes in it inside my brain. I began to send my healing energy to it and I eventually cracked this black honey comb wide open. I knew the honey comb was not good because you will not see solid looking things when you look at an energy field if it is healthy energy.  After that I could not seem to do much more healing work. It was apparently all that I was ready for that day ... the first step.

Today I gave reading to a client and I saw some grey mushy soft energy in their brain. I began to clean it out. It looked like a tumor. Then I saw there was an alien implant inside that looked like grey metal. I also saw revolving light in my clients head. This was keeping him from knowing his truth, making clear decisions and being grounded. It was rendering him powerless. This revolving light was alien energy. It was also a landing pad for other alien ships to land on. Yes, right inside his head! I know this sounds crazy but this is not the first time I have seen this. There is so much going on inside of our bodies that we are unaware of! We are being used in so many ways due to our fear, which always attracts "help." Whether we like the help or not, our call will always be answered. It is energetic law.

After my session I decided to look at my own blockage in my brain that keeps me from my memory. I know that whatever I see in others in a reading is most likely happening in my own space, despite perhaps the different degree. I have never been able to memorize things since I was a kid. It's like I am in the eternal now, like the fish in the movie Nemo. This has kept me from studying a number of different things. For example, I have read many physiology books but still have a hard time remembering all of the body parts, organs and their functions. Though, when I read energy, I see exactly what is happening in the moment inside of the body. I have also had a terrible sense of direction my entire life! This is bad considering how much I love to hike way out in nature!

I realized today as I was continuing to clean out the blockage in my brain that there are so many layers upon layers and that they all feed into each other. Heavy metal causes a physical mass of toxins in the brain, otherwise known as a tumor, which incidentally are not as rare as we might think. Parasites make another layer, both energetic and physical, and alien energy yet another layer. And the most important layer is the emotional layer that causes the entire issue in the first place!  Fear of being alone, fear of being accepted, fear of being pushed out of a group, family or village. Wow, I have created all of those scenarios. I have been kicked out of my family, my psychic school, a communal house and on and on it goes. I was never kicked out because I did something wrong. I was kicked out due to this energy pattern in my body. If the fear pattern is there, it must manifest. It is law! That's why energy healing and reading is fantastic, so we can get rid of and heal all the shit! I am so ready to love and accept myself more, despite what anyone may think about me. I have always been different and I must see that as a plus not a minus! I am ready to release the fears, embrace my inner love and allow my fine and sharp memory to return! Hallelujah!

If any of you reading this have any matches/mirrors to me I suggest filling the brain with a brilliant healthy indigo blue color and to feel into your power and self worth. Good luck! Self acceptance and love is always the key to healing and growth! And in my case, memory!

2 comments on “Healing my poor memory!

  1. Garret kennedy

    I am in the exact same boat. I never start anything new because I usually forget it by the next day, it a extremely despressing, fills like I miss out so much in my life because of limitations of my memory almost as if I was in the movie 50 first dates. So there is hope?

  2. Susan Palmer

    Interesting writing, Robin. I can sure use help with my memory. My housemate told me recently that cilantro is helpful in releasing heavy metal from the liver, I think it was.


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