MI Training, Level 13, Week 3, Home-Play

  1. Memorize the MI Procedures
  2. Line up all of your readings with strangers for the next 4 weeks. You should do 5 readings total. Use your resources to find people. Be creative. Ask for people with diseases and offer to give the reading for free. Make sure you let them know your teacher will be listening to the reading, so it’s mostly confidential. Add their contact info to your newsletter list in exchange for giving them a free reading. Send me the recording each week. One of these will be your final. Tell me which one you like best and I will listen to it.
  3. Give an MI reading to a stranger with a medical issue. Write about the reading here in 5 sentences only. (Copy it to use for a blog on your website if you wish.) 1. Their medical issue. 2. Causes. 3. Cures.  4. What did you do well in the reading? 5. What could you have done better?
  4. Relax and read the book, The No-Grain Diet by Dr. Joseph Mercola.

One comment on “MI Training, Level 13, Week 3, Home-Play

  1. AvatarJennifer Connery

    1.) Memorized reading procedures!

    2.)Talking and preparing for my clients in the upcoming weeks. Recording for this week was sent.

    3.) MI reading- Issues- How to heal smoking and anxiety. Causes around anxiety were about feeling unsafe in her body and her world due to early childhood trauma with her father. This was also the need to smoke as to feel safe in her body for strands of time. In order to heal these issues she needs to connect with source and the earth as well as seeking outside therapy for trauma release. Practicing self love affirmations and connecting to her 2 nd chakra daily will also help. I also encouraged her to try smoking cessation hypnosis and substituting herbal tea for coffee will help soothe anxiety as well.

    Did well- I was confident and relaxed
    Work on- Perhaps a fear about disclosing and going deeper into father issues.

    4.) Awaiting shipping arrival of my book, should arrive between 7-14th.


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