Authenticity IS Success!


by Robin Eagle Sage

The truth is that we are all born free. Liberty must sometimes be fought for in order to be kept. It is up to the individual to do so or to shirk their duties as freedom fighters. Freedom fighters are those who ensure the safety of this planet. They are here to regulate peace and justice. They come in many diverse shapes and sizes.

To take care of one’s children is admirable. But to do so while neglecting one’s own freedom is disrespectful to the self and those surrounding, including the children. Everyone must establish freedom in order to be authentic, and this includes financial freedom. One must not depend or rely on others for such assistance, except in unusual circumstances of need, or before one is able in youth.

If you are not financially free you will not be able to make clear and just decisions. You may choose to stay in an unhealthy relationship for the sake of “security,” which will further diminish your self-esteem. This is denigrating to your spirit and thus, to the whole of our world.

If you are in a partnership where your partner makes the money and you care for the house and children, you must be paid. After all, you are working! Make sure that you each have a private bank account as well as one mutual bank account. Whoever makes the money must deposit the dollar amount which covers the expenses for the house and children into the mutual account. The rest of the money must be divided by two; half going into your bank account and the other half going into your partner’s bank account. This is fair and just. It is the only way that you may remain in your truth. Having financial safety will enable you to make decisions that come from your heartfelt desires and sense of integrity, and NOT from your fear or need of safety. You may believe you can only make it in this world by being provided for financially by another. This is untrue. You must take care of yourself from the get-go and “stake your claim” of what is lawfully yours in order to remain safe and at liberty to choose your rightful destiny.

One of the biggest causes of instability and disempowerment in the world today is that people are afraid to speak their truth. They fear if they speak their mind they may lose respect, friendship, housing, business partnership, family members, their marriage, job and ultimately, their money and security. This is not a lifestyle of peace and honesty. No one can grow if no one speaks up and the world will remain stagnant. If you do not tell the cook that the food you ordered is bad, the restaurant will not learn and expand. If you do not tell your partner the truth, you will live a life of lies and the marriage will falter. If you do not tell your boss to treat you respectfully, you will not be able to respect yourself and you will be unhappy. There is NO need for sacrifice, ever. If you do not tell your landlord to have better boundaries, you will not live a life of safety and you will not feel comfortable and good.

The first step to financial freedom is personal freedom. The first step to personal freedom is to be authentic and true to your heart. This includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. This authenticity (even the difficult things to say) will be seen and appreciated by all. Your authenticity will automatically make you a winner. Especially if you deliver it from a place of love, if and when possible. Don’t expect to be perfect. Continued practice of authenticity and kindness is what brings success.


From my book, The Financial Alchemist.

Copyright 2017 Sage School of Light

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