Lately, I have been having a difficult time kicking a cold. The reason is because it’s not a cold. The slight pain in my lungs, coughing, poor memory and minor headaches are from what the government calls, solar radiation management or areal geo-engineering or chemical trails. It is no longer conspiracy, but in fact, the government now admits to spraying aluminum, barium and strontium and who knows what else from planes for various reasons. Some of these inane reasons are: to stop the sun from hitting the Earth (to prevent global warming) and to control the weather~ the government is playing God. But this does not make sense as the chemicals are destroying the ozone, which we need to stop global warming. I also think the intention is to kill the soil and food source so that we must depend on GMO foods, which are resistant to the chemicals, as well as to keep our numbers down via deaths. There is an alarming rate of sick people with non cold-related coughs, respiratory infections, sinus infections, Alzheimer’s (memory problems), cancer and asthma. This is not a joke.

Water and soil testing at Mt Shasta shows huge amounts of aluminum, which is now not just toxic, but poisonous to drink. If you are using a Britta or other plastic filtration pourer, they do nothing to remove heavy metals. I know because I just had mine tested. I suggest putting in a Reverse Osmosis filtration system into your house, like I just did. You can even rent them.

There are two informative movies below that I hope you will watch. I am not a person to complain, but instead, to solve issues and this is a big one. I have researched which countries are being affected by chem trails and so far there are very few who are not. One was Costa Rica, and sadly I just read an article about how bad it is there now too. Today I sat in a café in Grass Valley where I live and the sky was bright blue. Before I left the sky was covered with chemicals. “Bring our blue skies back!” said a sign above the highway as I was driving home. The biggest problem today is not cars, the biggest problem to our survival are mass produced cows (and what comes with it) and chem trails. They are creating the collapse of our world as we once knew it. Look up for yourself!

Because I want to do SOMETHING about this atrocity, and I don’t feel too damn strong fighting “peacefully” against the government, I propose doing something better. Let’s VISUALIZE BLUE SKIES. Yes, VISUALIZE BLUE SKIES. I think it is our best defense. All summer long I visualized rain and each time I did so, it rained within 3 days. It really works! Please help me in my BLUE SKIES campaign by simply closing your eyes for 10 minutes each day and visualizing blue, clear, sunny skies. It will be simple and it will work.

Please help me to build momentum for this campaign by telling your friends and family and by asking people to join my newsletter at  I have never cared much about having a big following or Facebook until now. Now my very breath and life is at risk and so is yours. So I would like to take positive action and reach as many folks as possible.

Please watch the movies below~ (they are fantastic!), get a good RO filter, eat organic food, get the SkyderALERT app for your smart phone (more on that below), visualize blue skies and spread the information. It could just save our lives. We can solve this issue, I have faith. Please have faith too and tackle this peacefully from love, respect for ourselves and our planet and strength.

Click here to watch the film:

Watch this movie first:

Watch this second:


SkyderALERT is an app that you can download onto your phone. Just take a photo of chem trails and then send it to SkyderALERT. It will automatically contacts the appropriate legislators and news media based on your geo-location so you don't even need to know who they are. SkyderALERT provides that contact information.

GeoEngineering's objective is Climate Change and it's side effects include extreme weather, ozone depletion, drought, storms, air pollution, water pollution, and the intentional blocking of the sun.

Unregulated GeoEngineering and misuse/abuse of Climate Science is the SINGLE LARGEST ENVIRONMENTAL THREAT the planet faces today. It’s no longer just an environmental issue, it’s everyone’s health issue too.

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