The Myth About Protein


The notion that we need an abundance of protein is a myth. Watch the movie, "Forks over Knives" for further information on that subject. Or study the China Project.

We can all get the perfect amount of protein that we need from veggies, legumes, nuts and seeds, such as, quinoa, which is a whole protein. And these foods do not destroy the earth to grow them.

In order for cancer patients to heal they must not eat high protein and fat diets, such as, the common American diet. This ought to tell you something! If a vegan diet free of sugar, bread, meat, alcohol, dairy and oil heals cancer don't you think it's a healthy diet?

Don't think about how many vegans look emaciated and withdrawn. They are NOT HEALTHY vegans! They are filled with sugar, chocolate, breads, wheat, caffein and the like. Many vegans rarely eat vegetables. Look at me and my partner David instead. We are healthy vegans!!! We eat predominantly vegetables. What a concept. And we are far from emaciated or weak.

Why do you think we are brainwashed into thinking we need mega protein? Isn't that an easy question? Do you think the Big Agro cattle ranchers would be happy if people stopped eating meat? Do you think Big Pharma would be happy if people stopped getting sick? Hell no! They want us to keep getting sick so that we can spend more money in the hospitals! You may not want to spend money buying organic food, but believe me, it's money saved from future hospital bills. Everyone thinks that they can eat poorly and do just fine. Well I am the one that gets to treat all of the sick people and it ain't pretty what people get themselves into. Take my advice and avoid most of what is in the market and go straight to the organic produce section. Your bill will be a lot cheaper too!

I DO NOT recommend eating meat of any color or dairy products at all. If you will not stop eating meat, then only do so once a week and make sure it is organic, free-range and hormone free.

If you want to FEEL GOOD, then try my SAGE DIET.

Don't think about food as being about taste initially, because it will take some time for your taste buds to re-set back to normal. Think of it as how you feel AFTER you eat. Are you bloated, farting or tired? Because if you are, it's not normal!

Along with a healthy diet I recommend everyone to get a series of colonics. Because when the end of the line is clogged with toxins (and it is for most everyone) there is no way that you can receive the nutrients that you are putting into your body.

Good luck and bon apetite!


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