MI Training, Level 5, Week 8, Home~Play

  1. Google Doc:

Write your findings about each chakra covered in class that week in the google doc called “Chakras.” Write your name and then your findings. Write about the meaning of the chakra not about yourself please.

  1. Personal blog:

Copy and paste your chakra findings into your blog. You may insert a pretty picture of a chakra or a photo representing the essence of the chakra if you like.

  1. AP Reading:

Call your AP and read their 7th chakra for 15-20 minutes each. Use your new opening and closing reading procedures. If you see a blockage talk about what is causing it and how to cure it. Use a timer. Take your time. A lot will be revealed for the person. Blog about what you saw on the SSL blog.

  1. Daily Meditation:

Breath into your 7th chakra. Look around and get to know it more deeply. See what it needs. Discover more about it. Move positive energy through it to cleanse and heal it. Fill it with love. When you learn new things about your 7th chakra, add it to the Chakra Google Doc.  


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  1. Phaedra

    1. Google Doc Complete

    2. Blog:

    3. AP Call:

    We worked to remove past-life trauma from when AP died of a head wound at the hands of a royal family. They were fearful of her strong, powerful connection to Source.

    I became aware of her family members, especially her mother, being afraid of AP’s power- they are confused and feel intimidated. I saw that she is holding persecution and judgement from her family here, and her desire for their love and acceptance.

    We pulled out cords that looked like slinkies or springs, small toys, and snakes. The toys represented unhealthy cording with her children, the snakes past lovers, and the slinkies were an unhealthy connection with her past and past lives which framed her story in a negative light. Removing them allowed her story to positively empower her.

    I saw two bands of energy stream down from either side of 7th chakra, wrapping around her entire body like a DNA helix. It worked to heal her on a molecular level and mend her DNA- positive encoding. It went on to become a large healthy web, connecting her to herself, the earth, other people, and the Cosmos, reinforcing the Divine Blueprint.

    4. Got started on my meditations late, but will post Tuesday and Wednesday on Wednesday!

    Saturday- Saw an electric, icy blue periwinkle blue running through the channel connecting me to Source, cleaning and clearing it and opening it up. I used this energy to melt the blinders off the area around the top of my head. I heard some kind of validation, “You are amazing”, or something like that, which was accompanied by the strongest waves of energy tingling throughout my body. I thought, this must be my Higher Self, then heard “I am my Higher Self”. Archangel Raphael was there, working on the back of my neck and head. So grateful.

    Sunday- Woke up in the morning feeling as if I had been hit by a truck- cold chills and body aches. This is due to work being done on the seventh chakra, so I just breathed a white light into my chakra during meditation, and all throughout my body. I grounded into this white light, and used this energy to connect to Source.

    Monday- Saw four prongs shooting out from my crown, the two on the right having a positive charge giving energy, the two on the left with a negative charge receiving energy. So energy is received from Source from the left side of the channel, and sent out from the right. The prongs serve as a solid foundation to hold this channel. Sat and moved energy through and filled with light.

  2. Jennifer Connery

    1.) Chakra blog completed.

    2.) https://intuitivehealthsite.wordpress.com/2016/08/22/crown-chakraaccessing-the-gate-of-infinite-wisdom/

    3.) Ap reading:

    There is a beautiful high vibrational path you’re heading on and I see you with this sense of urgent excitement to arrive. There is a beam of light from from your crown to the heavens and in between a cold frigid block of ice. Relating to self doubt and your ability to perform readings. Possibly related to father. Imperative to keep reading and this journey light and playful. I’m seeing a beautiful copper or gold flat star with rose quartz on all corners. Powerful symbol of Archangel Metatron. By visualizing all of your angels and guides encompassing the corners will help you feel connected and recognize your power. Big bird showed up reminding you to be goofy and to stay in the present as well as helping to release the seriousness.

    4.) Daily meditations for 7th chakra.

    Thursday: Seeing pearls above head signifying a softness and ability to surrender to my life which shows growth and channel for miracles.

    Friday: Important to get in touch with soul’s mission to help with a sense of belonging on earth.

    Saturday: Taking on a bystander’s approach to observing people through the eyes of God past personalities, seeing others as spirits.

    Sunday: A new spirit guide emerged named Rashelle, she’s here to congratulate on overcoming a crucial stage and to welcome me to a new phase of spiritual awakening and mastery.

    Monday: Recognizing the importance of staying gentle with myself and self care through cycles of low energy. Seeing it as release and renew in a growth period.

  3. Chelsea

    1. Google Doc: Done

    2. Personal blog: https://soulbeautifulblog.wordpress.com/2016/07/03/the-chakras-read-intuitively/

    3. AP Reading:
    I saw a beautiful strong and old connection to Source in my AP’s crown chakra. I saw that my AP is able to see things others are not. I saw a strong presence of a male angel that is always with her and many other guides or beings that are there supporting her and guiding her in this life. I felt a strong pull towards water, a stream where she connects to source. I saw a supported carved out path that my AP is on, leading her to the highest calling or vibrationally lead life. I also saw some cobwebs on in her crown chakra that were subconscious doubts of her abilities and connection to source from some family members who are not supportive of her strengths. We did a healing, cleaning the area and recharging it as well as adding some loving kindness to her heart and her entire being.

    4. Daily Meditation:
    Thursday: Archangel Michael and all other angels came to me telling me they are there to support and be called on whenever needed. They showed me signs to signify their presence such as a rainbow, a white feather and patterns of numbers.

    Friday: I was playing with a polar bear which signifies being strong and getting though difficult times for the highest good.

    Saturday: I saw the still ocean with the huge full moon hanging over it. This is my stillness, a place where I connect with my highest self. I also worked on an issue I was having with my husband which was affecting my crown chakra. Instead of being resentful, I decided to be filled with gratitude for the changes because they make space for something better. Sure enough a few days later, a renewed energy was filling the space I had worked on.

    Sunday: The day of the reading and healing with my AP. I did a short meditation prior however you can read about the reading above.

  4. Ruth

    1. Google Doc: Done

    2. Blog: https://intuitiveinsightspathway.wordpress.com/2016/08/22/crown-chakra/

    3. AP Reading: When you feel stuck and helpless in old patterns feeling like you can’t stop, take a breath and focus on your crown chakra. Imagine filling up each chakra starting with your first all the way to the seventh with a color and see this aligning your chakras. This is an important way of centering and moving energy for you when you feel stuck. See the light shooting out of your crown into the heavens. You are in the process of cleaning out parts of your life (relationships, career, etc.) and releasing the old to create space for the new. Release any guilt you may have related to parenting and learn to forgive yourself and release blame that you are holding onto. I see stars above your head moving counter clockwise. To strengthen this funnel like structure above your crown chakra, move your hands back and forth around this to create almost like a net. This will help make sure you have a protected space to connect with the heavens. You’re on the tip of a huge transformation and your getting into the roots that were your patterns and core issues. Your on the edge of something incredible in 3-6 months.

    4. Daily Meditations: I wasn’t able to meditate on Thursday, but I will make up this day before class.

    Friday: Exploring the connection to the stars and how the constellations are patterns for the transmission of information through this chakra.

    Saturday: This chakra feels more about sensation than language, meditating in a place without language or time and space. Paying attention to the pulsing on my head when I meditate on this chakra.

    Sunday: Focusing in on the band, almost like a funnel, which wraps around and extends out from the chakra to the sky. It serves as a layer of protection making sure there is safe space for energy to flow up.

    Monday: Seeing how people who have an experience related to this chakra can become scared and afraid if they are not used to this high level vibration. It starts to come in very slowly like raindrops and then more and more when we are ready for it.

  5. Robin

    1) still working on this

    2) my blog post will be here:


    3) AP reading:

    You are very open, receptive and creative. There is a lot coming thru you. I see you need to ground it in, be more in your body, grounded and centered. A daily energy routine would be beneficial to you along with your meditations. This will help get your energy aligned and bring you into your body. Thru out the day check in with your thoughts and notice them. When you are worrying or going into a negative place turn the thought around. Turn then into affirmations of what you do want instead of being bothered by what you see.
    I see a crystal prism reflecting the beautiful light of the Sun…this represents the light coming into you and will reflect so brightly when you remove the blocks, like washing a spot off a dusty window, more light will be able to shine thru. This crystal is so very beautiful and is a representation of your ability and capacity to shine. Be vigilent with yourself…fill yourself with joy, take excellent self care, enjoy the beauty around you.

    5) daily meditations done.
    I’m feeling much more grounded and connected, more in my center. I’m much more aware and noticing when I need to get back in my body. It’s amazing, and I’m loving clearing and connecting with my crown chakra and filing it with love and appreciation.

  6. Susan Palmer

    1. Done

    2. Blog https://medium.com/@sooselene/root-chakra-findings-324b710b96a9#.fy693s5m7

    3. Prioritize and focus on what is most important for you. The things you’re thinking about and working on, like meditations & daily routines, are helping you and becoming part of you. You’re beautiful and feminine and doing a great job. You have a big, full heart. Ground into your heart chakra and give it a lot of love. See it filling all the way full with red. This will help bring in a feeling of love for you.

    4. Totally forgot about the home-play until Saturday.
    Saturday: Feeling of vastness and peaceful expansiveness emanating from crown chakra and
    expanding out.
    Sunday: A sense of awareness of my surroundings and what’s going on energetically around
    Monday: Saw rubber tubes coming out of top of crown chakra. As I moved my hand to clear
    them, or see them better, they became 2 horns. Meaning = Time to take the bull by
    the horns and take action with my ideas. Do some research. Commit. Believe in
    myself. Have joy as I move forward.

  7. Maia Caccavari

    1- Google Doc: done
    2- Personal blog: I’m having problems to log in. I’m trying again later.
    3- AP Reading: n/a
    4- Daily Meditation:
    It’s been very relaxing to breathe into my 7th chakra. I felt connected to the whales! I I feel the one hour meditation work of last week is really helping this chakra to be attuned to higher dimensions. I felt a lot of junk being released, especially a lot of programming related to being able to be that awaken powerful being that is my birthright. It feels breathing through this chakra it’s really an amazing tool of awakening. Every time I felt my brain more awake and bright!


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