Level 5, Week 3, Homeplay

  1. AP Reading: (30-40 minutes each) Read one high vibrational spirit guide in your partner. Use the list given in class to provoke depth in the reading. Allow your AP to ask questions if they have any.

2. Keep developing your websites and FaceBook page and leave the links here.

3. Practice having a positive attitude and belief system about your life. Ask your guides for help in this arena and any other. Write about what they say here.

4. If you would like to learn more about spirit guides and how to contact them, you will enjoy this book. It is called ASK YOUR GUIDES by Sonia Choquette and is available in paperback and on Audible.

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  1. JoDean Cooper

    1. AP. Spirit Guide: I read my AP’s Spirit Guide named ‘the Red Dirt Man’. He is very reverent to assist my AP in expanding her business. He is sending her birds to “sing her praises” as a Medicine Woman.

    2. FB url: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Medical-Intuitive-Jodean-cooper-18i247782952468/services/?ref=page_internal

    3. Most of the information and guidance is for me to stay positive, relax, put my feet up and have a cup of tea. I am supported, loved and have guidance on the other side. She is here for me.

    4. I am ordering the Audible book by Sonia Choquette.

    1. JoDean Cooper

      1. Continued
      Another Spirit Guide reading showed me a bright green color, was female and went by the name of “Chandice”. Her message was to ignite the creativity and abundance that is due to my friend. They were both fairies and butterflies in past lives. While my friend was a water nymph similar to a mermaid but not so much underwater. To keep this spark alive she is to go out and buy roses- with green tinged edges and to go back to writing short novels.

      This other Spirit Guide reading was a very short one. Where the guides showed me a bright tangerine orange and bright yellow coloring of healthy light and love. They were respectful of her space. They (collectively) told me their friend is “all well”, and they told me she is currently “battening down the hatches” and cannot come out to play. I was not to worry.

      2. I am working on the link to my Facebook Page to get it to show it’s ‘live’.

      4. Continued
      I have ordered the recommended book by Sonia Choquette. In the meantime I have been absorbing her body of work on YouTube. My favorite so far is her use of the tool, “My Head says, My Heart says”. I have found profound movement and long sought after answers from using that tool. I have since ordered two additional books.

  2. Michelle LeMoine

    1. AP Reading: I saw my AP’s spirit guide as a violet, blue color initially and then the guide as a native american woman, fairly young looking with long, dark hair. The name I heard was Marsha. This guide was originally from Pleiades. My AP and the spirit guide were sisters in a Colorado native american tribe. This guide has been with my AP since birth and is very maternal in nature since my AP lost her mother when young. This guide provides a lot of maternal guidance along with help with problem solving, organization, timeliness and helping with energy healing business. She acts as a guru to empower my AP. My AP can connect best with guide when she is showering, in nature and resting right before sleeping for the night. This spirit guide wanted my AP to do more healing with on herself in order to be a really great energy healer.

    The guide’s message to my AP was that she wanted my AP to know how much she loved her and was proud of how she was doing in spite of her past difficult times. The spirit guide also felt great joy when my AP contacted her and when my AP spent time in nature which was very grounding for her.

    Lastly, the spirit guide touched my AP’s heart and 6th chakra for healing and put a large heart of love around my AP.

    2. https://www.energyintuitivehealing.net (in the process of working on creating a calendar to sign up for appointments and a Paypal account. This will be done in stages with the help of another person.)


    3. I asked my guides for assistance with getting free things like you Robin… ha ha! I also asked that I be guided to stay in the positive as much as possible and continue to help me develop my energy healing work. I heard from my native american spirit guide that I am being guided to the right connections for my healing work, to be happy and working with my finances. My guides want me to evolve so I can reach more people to heal. I have been a healer and seer in a number of lifetimes and I am allowing these gifts to shine again. My guides want me to open my heart and connect to other hearts to heal them.

    4. The book you recommended, I read about 6 years ago. I pulled it off my bookshelf and was excited that I still had the book! I will reread parts of it that are of interest to me.

  3. Lilia Collins

    1. My AP’s spirit guide is an Alien that looked like a Sneetch a character from a Dr. Suess book. He has a very paternal love for my AP. They shared a life from Lemuria. He is here to help my AP move forward in life and help his confidence. The energy was very loving kind and gentle.

    2. https://mirulz4.wixsite.com/mysite-3

    3. My guides message was simple, that I am loved and guided. Also, I need more physical grounding, so I am making sure to be barefoot on grass. I asked for continued guidance in laying my path for my career.

  4. Laura Jepsen

    1. My AP’s spirit guild is a very light yellow being of light and vibration as opposed to physical form. This spirit guild is all about peace and my AP needs to get very quiet and focus on the heart area to contact her.

    3. I contacted a spirit guild of wisdom and discernment. This spirit guild is also about reverence. They recommend taking things down to the simplest form, so that it can easily be handled. If it is easy to handle then there is confidence which creates a high positive vibration. In a high positive vibration I will attract more positivity.

  5. Victoria Reese

    1.) My AP’s high vibration spirit guide goes by the name of Chiclit. He is here, at this time, to help my AP to channel information about the spiritual aspects of the plant world. My AP is to write a book and to create illustrations. This is a very important book that will be used to help heal children and the Earth. Currently there is not a book of this kind on the market. Chiclit shared a brotherly past relationship with my AP – pre Adam and Eve days. A rainbow is a reminder that this guide is calling to him to “remind” him of their mission to communicate the language of the plant world (via the book). Spending time by a brook, or body of water and painting will help my AP to get out of his head and connect with this guide so this book can be channeled.

    2.) Nothing new to report. A work in the making 🙂

    3.) My guides want me to stop apologizing for my increased acts of self-care and accept this as vital to wellbeing and not “selfish”. This came through loud and clear in both my quiet time as well as in my reading with my AP. Also, the more I ground the better able I am to detach from the “reaction” others have to what seems like my radical self-care – the less I become chorded to these reactions and people in unhealthy ways.

    4.) This is really a great book. I have long ago read it and given it away. I am going to order it on Audible when I finish the book I have just started reading. I think that, Ask Your Guides, is a classic and one we can all enjoy for sure!

  6. stefan fabry

    1. AP Reading: My AP’s spirit guide shows up as a female face, dark skin, pink rollers in her hair. She floats in a cloud of light green and whitish yellow light. It has a very humorous mood. It is a singer and a singing spirit guide. It is here to help my AP with the environment of gardens. It is a garden spirit. Its name is Oxalitl. They know each other from that It was a cub of a bear. My AP was that mother bear. Source shows that this spirit was a guide introduced to my AP by a shaman on a different planet a long time ago. The guide came to her through a power plant. It is good at creating harmony. Source shows it’s good at spreading wellbeing that comes from self-love and from channeling spirit vision. It can help with extraordinary perceptions. Its message is: “Become keenly attuned to the element of water”.
    The way this spirit guide benefits is by experiencing a noble feeling when helping my AP.

    2. Business aspects: slowly moving on it.

    3. Positive attitude with the help of the guide: I was looking to find already for several weeks for a good way to group and organize a set of recurring thoughts that caused me a subliminal mood of fear. I was guided to watch a silly movie which had the solution for that. During the movie I watched at Netflix I was wondering why I am wasting my time watching this short movie. But suddenly it became clear why I had to watch the movie: it gave me the idea to give a name to that which causes those thoughts I was trying to tame: it is the ‘Fear Monster’. Now I always thank the Fear Monster when it tries to remind me that “I am not safe” and that I need “to watch out” for danger. I tell it that I am safe and the world I live in is safe as well and I invite it to look around to see that it’s work is not needed anymore.

    4.Sonia’s book: will order it by the end of the week

  7. john walsh

    1. My AP’s guide showed herself as a gray/white color. Her guide is acting to keep her safe and protected, both physically and emotionally. Her guide requested that she focus on staying grounded. Her guide wants her to know that she is loved, and that her guide is always there.

    2. https://jklmski.wixsite.com/medicalintuitive

    3. My guide states that I am very loved. I have unlimited potential, the only limits are the ones that I place on myself. I need to work on staying grounded and positive when things seem difficult.

  8. Les Adler

    1) My AP had two guides appear and then chose the one with the higher vibration. She had a yellow/orange color which is quite soothing as well as pink which helps clear the mind of emotional blocks. The guide spoke softly, and gave answers that were compassionate, loving, and subtle. The guide emphasized needing to lighten up particularly if she wanted clarity. Also she promised not to take up too much space, but at the same time she would stop my AP if she started going in the wrong direction. The guide chose a peaceful path with no drama. There was also some hearing difficulties which required more attention by my AP.

    2) The web site has been completed prior to the class

    3) I have paid more attention to being more positive, something that is of utmost importance. However, I lost the page when I forgot to post. I was a very unhappy camper for a while.

  9. Laura Jepsen

    My AP’s spirit guide is names Chumdrum from India, he has his own spirit guide named Vastu, who is a high Indian guru. They are here to tell my AP to step into the unknown future. They explain that the past feels safe because it is know, so many people just keep repeating the past, it becomes like an anchor. There is a fear of the future do to that it is uncharted and unknown. Vastu states that the future is like a vast ocean and that my AP has the power to create whatever she wants. He recommends learning Toltec knowledge to help her feel grounded on this unknown path. There are also some spirit guides that are just an essence, getting ready to be formed as new spirit guides for my AP.

    3. My AP’s reading really spoke to me, and I felt it was for both of us.
    I also see a female silver spirit guide showing silver word written like the star wars intro, but many of them lined up next to each other. They are the stories of different paths or choices I can make. It’s the first few paragraphs of possible future choices.

    4. I have read this in the past, but too long ago to remember. I will get it in the near future, when I get more settled. I knew Sonia Choquette when I lived in Chicago, I used to go to her house and have done workshops with her. She is lovely.


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