How To Heal Cancer


The complete guide

By Robin Eagle Sage, Medical Intuitive

I have received this information from my readings and meditations. I am not a doctor. The following is not a prescription. It is what has helped me and others. Each person may vary slightly but this is a guide that I believe will help everyone heal cancer and many other diseases.

If you have cancer or another debilitating illness drink green smoothies (without fruit) all day long. If you eat/drink this diet and follow the directions below you will heal.

What it Takes to Heal Cancer

1) Above all you must be having HEALTHY FUN and a lot of it! Take classes, dance classes, yoga classes, improv classes, art classes, sports classes, watch funny movies, walk around your town or city with a smile while taking deep breaths, adventure, meet people on the street, go hiking, go fishing, go bowling, jump for joy, garden, swim in clean water, meet with friends! Keep the fun coming! Don’t sit around and wonder if the cancer is growing. Get up and have some fun! Cancer thrives in an anaerobic environment. This is a fact. Cancer dies in an oxygenated internal environment. So please exercise, walk, breathe fresh air deeply (better if in nature and by water with negative ions) and move if you can.

2) In order to heal you MUST BE WILLING AND ABLE TO FEEL YOUR PAIN, but not obsessively. Stop any foods that numb the body, including sugar, breads, caffeine, soda, chocolate, alcohol, smoke, drugs, etc., and other bad habits. These habits will keep you from grounding and feeling your pain. When you take them away you will feel miserable, as if you are dying. You won’t die, it's only your candida dying. Kick and scream into a pillow and get it out. Feel your pain but don’t dwell in it. Feel it  ALL THE WAY. Cry and get clarity. This is the only way to heal. Write about the deeper meaning of your frustration, which is hidden in your subconscious.  Talk about it with trusted friends. Cravings only last a few minutes at a time. Distract yourself and go for a walk. Just don’t give in, as then you must start all over again. If you do eat or drink or do the addiction then notice how it hurts you and begin again without the same source. Love yourself all the time despite what you do or don’t do!

3) MEDITATE FOR ONE HOUR DAILY. Feel into the area of the cancer. Ask what it’s about. Meditate on it and say hello to it. When you feel the slowed down energy, ask why it is slow, dark and stuck. Be open to hearing the answers and to changing your life. If you want to change something in your body then you must be willing to change your life and your ways. Right? Get it? This is key. When you hear about what is causing your blockage (or cancer) commit to changing that thing. Then fill the area with the opposite of what is causing it. Visualize it and do it. This is the cure. Fill the area with your own healing energy. Imagine a beautiful color in its place. If you can’t “read” the energy then call me. That’s my job.

4) COLONICS, COLONICS, COLONICS! The intestines MUST flow in order for the body to detox (emotionally and physically) in order to heal. You can’t expect to eat binding breads, acidic coffee, sticky sugar, indigestible meats and chemically laden foods without getting blocked up. It’s just not possible, no matter how awesome you are! Receiving daily or every other day organic coffee enemas/colonics are essential as many unhealthy organisms that cause cancer live in the colon. Always take probiotics to fill the colon with health bacteria.

5) The best DIET for cancer and other diseases is a diet naturally high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, micro-nutrients, and low in sodium, fats, and proteins. The Sage Healing Diet is below.

6) All foods, drinks, body products (shampoos, soaps, lotions, deodorants, laundry detergent, after-shave, etc.) and bathing products MUST be organic and chemical free! How can you heal if you keep putting the same ingredients into and onto your body such as chemicals, pesticides, stabilizers, etc.? Your skin is your largest organ. Whatever you put onto your skin goes directly into your body’s blood supply and circulates all around. Whatever you put on your face and hair also goes into your brain. This is not rocket science. Think about it. Simple changes can heal your body entirely for good! For a list of healthy body products visit my blog:

7.) Only use organic or natural cleaning detergent, laundry detergent, dish washing detergent.

8.) Cleanse the liver, gallbladder and kidneys.
Stay clean inside and out. That includes your thoughts.

9.) Conquer all fear and negativity. Fear and ALL forms of negativity cause disease. Learn to trust the Universe and yourself, be positive and fill yourself with the feeling of love, security and safety.

Cancer Healing Diet

The more severe your stage of cancer the more your diet should remain mostly raw veggies, herbs and roots (like ginger and turmeric.)

In conjunction with the above, please eat and drink the following daily diet:

Daily iodine drop under the tongue.

Plenty of pure filtered lemon/lime water. (Only use organic fruit.) You may put a crystal in it.

1 or more shots of organic wheat-grass daily

2 table spoons of either organic FLAX OIL or WALNUT OIL. I recommend alternating them every other day. They are high in Omega-3. You may put them in your green smoothies or on your salad. (Omega-6 oils are found in many other foods and you probably get plenty, if not too much of them.) Never heat any oils. DO NOT COOK WITH OIL. USE WATER.

3-6 tall glasses of green smoothies (with little or no fruit) per day. Remember, sugar feeds cancer growth. To make a green smoothie blend pure filtered water and the following: mostly green veggies, such as kale, collards, spinach, beet greens, bok choy and other veggies, such as carrots, celery, cucumber and beets, herbs such as cilantro, parsley, basil, dill, mint, thyme, oregano, dandelion and roots such as ginger and turmeric. The herbs and roots are the powerhouses for healing and boosting one’s energy. Alternate them and your produce in your smoothies on different days. Do not use fruit juices, bananas or dried fruit such as raisins or dates. They are too sweet and will provoke (grow) the unhealthy bacteria, yeast and malignant cancer cells. Do not use any kind of milk such as cow milk, almond, coconut or soy milk in your smoothies. Mix the veggies with pure filtered water only. Mix the ingredients in a blender (not a juicer). This keeps the plants fiber which I believe is healthy for the digestive tract and colon. It also keeps the integrity of the plant. Wholeness is what we are after on all fronts. If you only juice vegetables in a juicer you run the risk of heightened sugar intake without the fiber to balance your body.

1 very large organic salad per day The dressing must not have oil in it. Make it yourself in the blender with organic whole veggies, herbs, roots, seeds or nuts. For example you can use variations of: pure water, lemon, lime, tahini, ginger, garlic, seeds, tomatoes, fresh herbs, avocado, etc. The more severe your cancer, the purer it should be. IE. No tomatoes which is a fruit, oil or nuts.

1 meal of lightly steamed organic veggies, roots and herbs, such as beats, broccoli, kale, collards, garlic, onions, cilantro, spinach, carrots, bok choy, ginger, egg plant bell peppers, etc. Put the greens, such as spinach and cilantro in the pot at the end after the food is cooked and the heat is turned off and close the lid. This is all the cooking it needs. The more you cook vegetables the less nutrients and enzymes they have. You basically kill them with heat. That is why the raw smoothies and salads are the most important to eat. Remember to eat different veggies daily, even those you do not like the taste of. It is of the utmost importance that you get variety. Some of the tastes you like the most and least are the ones your body often needs the most.

1 organic raw veggie burger (with no bun) that is sugar and grain-free.  If you can’t find any at your health food store then make your own in a dehydrater. Simply mix any of the ingredients that you can eat together, such as veggies, herbs, soaked seeds/nut and spices. You will need either chia seeds or flax seed to make the mix stick together. Form a patty and dehydrate. Or cook at a very low temperature. We don’t want to cook food as it kills the enzymes which is what you need to thrive.

Snack: soaked organic raw seeds and/or nuts

Snack: Raw organic pate: Mix fresh herbs, (such as cilantro, dill, basil, etc,) soaked seeds/nuts (such as sesame seeds and walnuts), spices (like cayenne) and veggies, (like celery, daikon and carrots.) Blend with water and organic lemon or lime.

Snack: Cut up raw veggies. Such as carrots, cucumber, red peppers, etc. Keep them in glass Tupperware and take them with you to work.

Snack: Hummus

Snack: Berries. Don’t eat more than a handful. The Gerson Diet for cancer patients recommends against berries and pineapple. They say they are too high in aromic acid. I believe berries are good for fighting cancer cells. You decide.

Snacks: Avocado. The Gerson Diet for cancer patients recommends against avocados. They say they are too high in fat. Use your best judgment. I think every once in a while is fine. They will also make your green smoothies smoother. If your cancer is sever don’t eat avocados.

Snack: Low glycemic fruit such as berries or tart green apples in small doses may be ok. For example a quarter to a half apple per day. Make sure it does not activate your candida or cause itching. You can tell if it has been activated by feeling a stirring in your body, such as in your anus or sexual organs. This is why organic coffee enemas/colonics are essential as many unhealthy organisms that cause cancer live in the colon.

Snacks: Sugar and grain free raw crackers. If you don’t like what in the stores, then make your own in a dehydrator.

Organic herbal teas

Cucumber water

Daily: Organic aloe vera gel in water daily. Drink it separate from your smoothie. This is also good for repairing membranes and delicate tissues that have been destroyed such as the colon. I like the brand called, “Lily of the Desert.”

Daily: Fresh squeezed lemon water (no sugar) preferably 1st thing in the morning to cleanse your liver and purify your blood. You may alternate it with lime water.

Daily: Huge amounts of raw leafy green vegetables like kale and collards. This is what will actually heal you and give you a lot of energy.

Nano colloidal silver

Daily: Resveratrol supplements. This is very important.

Daily: Oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract, olive leaf, garlic. Trade off daily so that your body does not become resistant to any. Drink them alone with water or take supplements. They are very strong and will kill…. You may want to take supplements to avoid the bad taste. Though sometimes I feel it is good to make your entire body shiver.

Daily: Chlorella (and other super greens) mixed in water. I like the brand my Mike Adams (the health ranger) that can be bought on his website called, “Clean Chlorella.”

Daily: Fresh organic raw (uncooked) ginger and turmeric (you may put it in your smoothies.) If you don’t like the taste of turmeric then eat it every other day.

Daily: Fresh organic raw (uncooked) cilantro, parsley, dandelion greens or other herbs (in your smoothie). Trade off.

Daily: 1 fluid ounce of Goji juice or Mangosteen juice (high anti-oxidant drinks)

Daily multi vitamin, especially with a B-complex. Most vitamins have GMO ingredients in their vitamin E. I recommend organic vitamins by Whole Earth & Sea.

What I have noticed is that the foods that I dislike, cancer also dislikes, because it kills it.

Strengthens Cancer- DO NOT EAT

*Non-organic food
*Chemicals and pesticides in foods, drinks and body products
*GMO foods, such as soy, corn, corn syrup, etc. The number of GMO products is rising!
*Sweets of any kind except for small amounts of whole fresh fruit
*Sugar additives such as honey, agave, maple syrup, stevia etc.
*Wheat or any bread including gluten-free bread
*Fried foods
*All fried oils (always cook with water and use glass pans and tea kettles)
*Artificial sweeteners
*Kombucha or fermented drinks
*Dates or any dried fruit
*Oils of all kind except for flax and Omega 3,6,9 oil-uncooked.
*Any processed food including chips, pastas, breads, cakes, etc.
*Potatoes- small amounts may be okay.

These foods may or may not be okay for you

(Your cancer may like these foods so you may not want to eat them. Ask your cancer if it likes these foods. If so, only eat them in very small doses after you have cleared your cancer.)

Legumes, such as, pinto beans, lentils, garbonzo beans, etc.
Quinoa (it’s a seed which is better than eating a grain)
Higher Glycemic Fruit
Pickled and fermented foods
Nuts and seeds
Cacao beans/nibs

Do not wear

*Bras or tight underwear.
*Perfume, cologne or after shave other than organic essential oils. (I sell an all organic essential oil deodorant.)
*Hair spray
*Non-organic shampoos, lotion, deodorant, oils or skin products which have words that you cannot say or with numbers in them, or are not organic. Organic ONLY!
*Non-organic or natural cleaning detergent, laundry detergent, dish washing detergent.
*All of these products go right into your skin and into your body. Shampoos, hair sprays, etc., go right into your brain. It’s not worth it to have a good hair day. All of these toxin contribute to cancer!

For a list of healthy body products visit my blog:


Detoxing and dietary timing

On this diet you will start to detox right away. You may crave the old toxic foods such as sugar, bread, (even gluten free breads are not good as they clog the colon), coffee, meat, dairy, kombucha, salty snacks such as chips, etc. You may smell bad, feel grumpy, depressed or feel tired. This is normal. As you heal you will feel both worse and then better. Do not let yourself de-tox too much or too fast. Start with one smoothie per day and then add one more every 5 days or so.

Mental and Emotional

The affirmations: “I love myself,” “I am_______ (say your name.) “I feel extremely adequate as a woman.” Or “I feel extremely adequate as a man.” “I am a child of God,” “I have all that I need,” “I am the living breath of God.”

All of these Are VERY Important Actions To Take

*Ground. Stand barefoot on the Earth. It’s free and more important than you could ever imagine!
*Exercise outside with a smile on your face. The body needs oxygen in order to form healthy cells and to destroy the malignant ones.
*Think positively
*Eliminate ALL stress; relax and get happy!
*Improve your self-esteem.
*Bathe your soul in self-love! I recommend my MP3 recording of my meditation called, “Love & Joy Meditation.” It can be bought on-line at
*Drink green juices all day!
*Daily-weekly colonics with organic coffee and chlorella implants added alternatively. Always take probiotics to fill colon with healthy bacteria.
*Epson salt baths
*Swim in a natural body of water
*Have fun!
*Love yourself and others
*Be safe and have good boundaries
*Let go of all resentments and hatred
*Forgive yourself and ALL others
*Bounce on a trampoline or rebounder daily. Or just bounce and jump between actions, such as, after working on a computer for 30 minutes, jump.
*Watch funny movies
*Only eat organic. You are worth it! 
*Protect yourself from Electro Magnetic Radiation. EMF’s are real and create sickness and ungroundedness. Ground yourself and your house. Walk barefoot outside and around your house. Get your feet on/in the Earth! Put crystals near you and in the corners of your house. Limit your time on the computer to 30 minutes per day if at all. Wear EMF pendants. Don’t use a cell phone or if you do, use an EMF protector patch on it. Don’t use wi-fi or if you must, turn it off when you are not using it at night. If you are dying and want to live and be healthy do not use computers, cell phones, smart meters, cordless phones (use the old fashioned kind)  and wi-fi. Get your ass outdoors in nature and have some fun! This will heal your body. You deserve it and you deserve to live. It’s your God-given right!

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