Last week I did a reading on a woman who said she was heartbroken and wanted to heal her heart. When I looked at her energy field I saw her father in her heart and I heard, "I owe you." This is where she felt obliged to him, due to how much he had given her in her life. Energetically and physically, it is not healthy to either feel you owe someone or to have someone's energy in your body. Someone else's energy is what I call "foreign energy" and it does not belong in one's body, as it does not match the same frequency or truth. Everyone's frequency is unique like a thumbprint. We always want to have our own energy in our body and to fill ourselves with our pure truth.

Next I clairvoyantly saw a bunch of pasty, gooey, white energy in my client's heart right in the center of her sternum. It was stuck there like a big wad of white chewing gum. I asked "spirit/my higher self" what it was related to. I heard it was the accumulation of particles from time immemorial where she felt in debt and obliged to other people. The problem with this is that such a blockage will stop one from being able to love ones' self. And of course, loving one's self is essential in being able to give and receive love from another. All love from another is a reflection of how much we are able to love ourselves and to the exact degree.

The moral of the story is to allow people to truly give to you without strings attached or feelings of obligation. After all, a gift is only a gift if it is given without expectation and WITH unconditional love. I cleared away the gooey white energy in my client's heart and now it will be up to her to love herself more fully by to allowing people to give to her without a sense of obligation, debt or guilt. Let's hope she can do it and better yet, let's pray we can all do it to support more LOVE in this word and in our lives. Love is good and so are relationships- if we can only get out of own way...

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