Four Directions Gratitude Prayer


From the book: The Definitive Guidebook to Medical Intuition by Robin Eagle Sage

Burn some dried sage in a dish or shell. Or light a beeswax candle. Stand and hold the burning sage. Take deep breathes of gratitude as you turn your body in the four directions:

Face the north: Thank your friends, family and all relations old and new for their presence in your life. Feel grateful for you and your health.

Face the east: Thank the Earth, sky, animals, trees, plants, vegetables and the entire physical world.

Face the south: Thank the abundance, wealth, money and growth that continues to come your way.

Face the west: Thank Source the creator. Feel gratitude and strength for all that has yet to come. Allow an open and flowing channel of goodness to come your way. Ask for a feeling of peace and serenity for the new and unknown and that it be delivered smoothly with loving kindness and grace.

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