Medical Intuitive Corner
by Robin Eagle Sage, Medical Intuitive

Have you ever wondered if your physical pain is caused by unresolved emotional experiences? Each month, Medical Intuitive, Robin Eagle Sage will share one of her medical intuitive readings with you. Using her clairvoyant abilities, this wise Sage will unravel the causes and cures of a patient’s illness. In turn, you will discover the great power of positive thinking, capable of every individual mind. Pseudonyms are used to protect the individual.
Patient: Sylvia

Medical Issue: Insomnia, digestive issues, constipation.

When I asked what is causing Sylvia’s insomnia and digestive issues I saw some blockages in her heart, throat, head, belly and solar plexus. Along with this I heard that she “frets” and that this negative behavior is causing negative health issues. When I looked deeper I saw that Sylvia has issues with her father that is causing pain in her heart and effects how she feels about herself and her ability to love herself. It’s also effecting her solar plexus, which is about empowerment and self-esteem. And her digestion, which is about being able to digest life and let it go.

Sylvia said that her father had recently passed and that she had only seen him twice in twenty years. She said that he had been unwilling to leave his house for thirty years, so obviously he had some issues. Sylvia also said, “We were never close after he left my mom and my little brother and me to take care of ourselves. My mom had to go through a lot of pain to survive and bring us up alone. But I felt I forgave him for all that he did and mostly for what he didn't do, such as being present or helpful in my life. In reality, he was so absent that I don't remember a single moment in which he expressed love toward me - none!!!”

Sylvia was confused as to why her father’s energy was clogging up her body and health since she hardly ever saw him. I want to explain this to my readers, since so many people suffer from the absence of a parent. It is not a father leaving the family that creates pain and suffering in the body, mind and heart. It is how people respond to the experience that creates pain. Do they feel like a victim or do the take 50% of the positive responsibility? Both parties must be responsible for the break-up as all events are agree upon, even if it is subconscious. Yet typically people want to blame the other person and be a victim. This does not help either party. For example, how many adults or children look on the bright side and say to themselves, “Yeah, Daddy left us! Let’s celebrate his new beginnings! I’m so happy that Dad left so that he can fulfill his karma somewhere else and perhaps even meet another special woman to create a new family with!” Not too many kids feel this way when their parent leaves. In fact, as is the case with Sylvia, they take it personally and feel they caused their father’s departure. This feeling is devastating to the heart, mind, body and soul of an individual and can be traced to many diseases.

If your father left your family when you were growing up I can almost guarantee that you felt and STILL feel negatively responsible for the event. You probably will say that you don’t. But I can almost guarantee that your father or mother leaving you has caused some pain in your heart leading to addiction, failed marriages, poor income, low self-esteem, becoming a high achiever, etc. I say high-achiever because high-achievers are those who feel the need to prove their worth to themselves and the world. There are highly creative people who celebrate creativity through love and there also are high-achievers who achieve through effort. There is a big difference.

Imagine yourself as a young child when your father is leaving for good. Then imagine another child in your place while your father walks out the door. You will think that if you had been kinder, smarter, prettier or more fun, that your father would not have left. But this, of course, is untrue. It does not matter what you had done or not done, your father would have left anyway. It had NOTHING to do with you! It was his destiny, his choice, and how you respond to it is yours. So why not thank him for leaving instead? Why not do things differently than the main stream and say to yourself, “Wow, dad must have been suffering in this relationship/marriage to leave. Good for him for having the strength to leave. I hope his path is fruitful. I wish him so much love and beauty.” Is this what most men receive from their “left behind” families? Not at all. They often receive hatred, resentment, and manipulation. And when they don’t, there is more of a chance for a positive connection with the family “left behind.”

None of us are victims. We all make choices together, even if it does not seem that way. All agreements, even if subconscious, are mutual. I have spoken of this before and it is an important spiritual law to understand. When you understand this energetic truth you will see that it promotes love and forgiveness. It especially promotes self-responsibility because nothing happens to you, it happens with you and by you. If I could give any of my readers a positive message filled with promise, it would be this.

Turn your old story around. You were not left. You all “left” to go your own ways. Take responsibility for everything; the good, the bad and the ugly. And smile and leave the blame behind. There is always a choice, even when it does not seem that way to the average eye…


Robin Eagle Sage is a medical intuitive, healer, clairvoyant reader, author and teacher. She gives energy readings and healings over the phone and Skype worldwide. Robin is the founder of Sage School of Light and teaches a Medical Intuitive training program for beginners. Robin is the author of the book, “The Financial Alchemist; The spiritual and material recipe for financial success,” the CD "Soul Love; An interactive meditation to attract wealth, health and the relationship of your dreams!” and three audio meditations: “Financial Success & Abundance,” “Releasing Stress and Fear” and “Love & Joy.” For more information contact Robin at: or

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