Channeling Homework 7


BLOG: If you were a channel, known to channel a particular spirit, who would it be? In other words, who would you specialize in and feel the most aligned with?

FINAL: Write down 3 or more questions of your heart. Sit with a close friend and channel the above spirit or the Spirit of your choice for 30-60 minutes max. Have your friend ask your written questions to the Spirit. Make sure the recording can hear both of you speak. Your scribe may add lib and go with the flow if they want or they may stop after the 3 questions are answered. Record the channeling and send it to Robin with "Your Name Final Channel Recording" in the subject bar. You may send it to your team as well, if you like.

5 comments on “Channeling Homework 7

  1. AvatarMaia

    If I was know to channel a particular spirit I would be channelling Mary Magdalene. I very strongly resonate with her understanding of human suffering and I love the compassion with which she delivers her messages.

  2. AvatarNanette

    Being a mother and grandmother I feel aligned with Mother Mary. I love her compassion and accepting energetic vibration. She always protrays such deep abiding love to all — a love that pulls you in and makes one feel totally accepted.

  3. AvatarBarbara

    I feel pulled to channel the Hathors, in specific, a Hathor being I have connected with in the past year and a half. This was good to come back to that through this assignment. The connection with creativity (the arts), spirituality and Gaia (planet earth) feels very right for me.


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