Energy Reading & Healing in Sedona

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At the Red Rock Vortex


At Robin's healing studio at her horse ranch in Cornville - 25 minutes from Sedona


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Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park
2650 Pueblo Dr., Sedona, AZ 86335
Park in the overflow parking lot
Meet at the bench


We will meet at the OVERFLOW parking lot at the Stupa and grab backpacks with blankets in them from Robin's black Ford truck. We will take a short hike to a comfortable spot in the red rocks and either lie or sit on our blankets under the heavenly blue sky and breathe in the smell of Juniper trees. The views are absolutely stunning. Robin Sage, medical Intuitive, will smudge you with sage and then give you a 1 hour energy reading & healing. You may ask any question you like. She will look at your soul clairvoyantly and tell you the colors and pictures she see that describe your life. This covers your overall health and happiness, which may include relationships, family, finances, career choices and/or past lives. Of course, Robin will give feedback as to how to get your life back on track, in the case it has strayed off-center from your alignment with Source. It is a once in a lifetime experience to unite with the healing energy of the red rocks in Sedona, have your life-questions answered and heal on a deep level; body, mind and soul! Robin’s desire is to guide you to reach your fullest potential, achieve your dreams, and embrace love on a deeper soul level.

If you bring a friend you can either share the time and each have a 30 minute reading and split the price OR you can schedule two 1-hour readings back to back.

What to Bring

Bring sturdy shoes, water and hats. Wear layers due to weather changes. Blankets are provided.

What If It's Cold?

If it's too cold outside, we can go to Robin's healing studio on her horse ranch in Cornville.

About Robin

Robin Eagle Sage has been giving clairvoyant energy readings and energy healings in Sedona for 25 years. She is a bestselling author, a professional Medical Intuitive and a channel of Divine guidance. Robin teaches clairvoyant energy reading, energy healing and meditation and is the founder of Sage School of Light. She gives private sessions in person and over the phone world-wide. Robin also takes people on spiritual vortex tours in the red rocks of Sedona. Although she gives readings on all subjects, Robin's specialty is health and empowerment. In the past, Robin wrote a column called, The Medical Intuitive Corner for a magazine in Los Angeles, California called WHOLE PERSON. Robin loves horses and is a "Spiritual Cowgirl" with a true love for nature and the red rocks vortexes of Sedona!

Robin smudging with sage

Preparing to give an energy reading

Performing a healing on a pregnant lady

Taking in the vortex

Receiving an energy reading

A guest takes in the sights